Rainbow Six Siege July 15 patch buffs Gridlock, Oryx, and Fuze, more

Andrew Amos
Oryx and Gridlock side by side in Rainbow Six Siege

A host of balance changes have been shipped to Rainbow Six: Siege’s Technical Test Server (TTS) which looks to buff some of the game’s more underutilized Operators in Gridlock, Oryx, and Fuze.

As Operation Steel Wave continues on, Ubisoft are looking at switching things up. The meta is slowly settling down, and with the Void Edge operators finally entering pro play, the developers of Siege have finally had a chance to see where the February additions landed.

This has led Ubisoft to buff the defender Oryx, while attackers Gridlock, Fuze, and Nomad are also in line for changes on the July 15 TTS patch.

Gridlock, Oryx, Fuze, and Nomad receive gadget buffs

Ubisoft are overall reducing the deploy time of Gridlock’s Caltrop from 13 seconds to nine seconds. While it will take longer to start up, with a near half-second delay, they will spawn faster than before.

These changes are aimed at making her gadget “a bit more enjoyable to use,” as well as making the lives of Gridlock players easier.

The Operation Void Edge defender, Oryx, has also fallen a bit flat. Compared to his counterpart in Iana, the Jordanian “Koolaid Man” has suffered from being a bit too quirky. In most cases, he needs to be run in conjunction with Doc, and there’s roamers who already do his job better.

Ubisoft are changing this by adapting how his Remah Dash works. The recovery time after running through a wall and into an enemy has been cut by up to half. While the refresh time for his dashes are up, he will no longer use all his charges when barging through a soft wall.

“We want to let Oryx make more use of his dash, and added mobility and durability will hopefully make him a bit more fun to play,” Ubisoft stated.

Nomad deploying Airjab in Rainbow Six Siege
Nomad’s Airjabs will now interact with walls like Oryx’s Remah Dash.

In a similar change, Nomad’s Airjabs will now interact with enemies in a similar way to Oryx’s Remah Dash. Players will take five damage if they get blown through a soft wall thanks to an Airjab. This opens up the opportunity to get cheeky kills with the gadget.

Fuze is the final operator with changes in the July 15 TTS patch. They are pretty simple ⁠— he’s just getting an extra Cluster Charge. Now Fuze players will have four opportunities to snipe the hostage instead of three.

As always with the TTS changes, they might not make them to the live version of Siege. However, given Ubisoft are targeting some struggling operators, it’s likely they’ll be shipped in the next update on Operation Steel Wave.

You can find the full list of changes below.

Rainbow Six July 15 TTS patch notes



  • Increased cluster charges to 4 (up from 3)


  • Lowered Gridlock’s Caltrop deployment time to 9sec (down from 13s)
  • Lowered individual Caltrops deployment time to 0.45s (down from 0.7s)
  • Lowered range of random deploy variation to 0.05s (down from 0.1s)
  • Added delay before deployment sequence starts increased to 0.45s (previously no delay)


  • When pushed through a wall by Nomad’s airjabs, players will get the same feedback and receive the same damage (5 hp) as when Oryx dashes through a soft wall.


  • Using his dash through a soft wall will not deplete all the dash charges.
  • Increased Dash refresh time to 12s (up from 8s).
  • Dash recovery time for all dashes is now 0.5s for recovery. (Previous recovery times: soft wall = 1s, enemy = 0.7s)


  • FIXED – Zofia’s concussion grenades are impacted by external explosions and can bounce away from target location.
  • FIXED – Missing anchoring decals from Ace’s SELMA.
  • FIXED – Ace’s SELMA can get stuck when thrown in a certain way at some beams, becoming unrecoverable.
  • FIXED – While grappling through a window or hatch, Amaru can aim faster with her LMG if she times her sprint and ADS buttons just prior to landing.
  • FIXED – Floating and indestructible wooden squares after destroying some walls on Yacht.
  • FIXED – Flattening the doorframes and windows on all maps.
  • FIXED – Gunshot sounds are muffled when shooting from inside 1F Technical Seating of Plane.
  • FIXED – (PvE) Buggy interaction between Ace’s gadget and AI.
  • FIXED – Various menu/UI fixes.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetics fixes.
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