Rainbow Six Snow Brawl event: New skins, game mode


Ubisoft are bringing in Christmas in Rainbow Six Siege with the Snow Brawl event. The festivities include 10 new skins, as well as a capture the flag (CTF) game mode in a Siege first.

Seasonal events are always popular in Rainbow Six, scaling back the serious tactical FPS into something a bit more light-hearted. The Snow Brawl event embodies that completely, with new skins celebrating the holiday festivities and a casual CTF game mode to boot.

If you want to grab fun skins (on the same level as Rainbow Is Magic) and try out the new mode, here’s what you need to know about Rainbow Six’s Snow Brawl.

New Rainbow Six Snow Brawl CTF game mode

The crown jewel of the Rainbow Six Snow Brawl event is the all-new CTF game mode. With two set teams of five ⁠— The Orange Blizzards and The Blue Blades ⁠— both teams will be fighting to capture flags from the enemy’s home base and return it to their own.

There is a respawn mechanic, so once you die you’re not out for the rest of the round. The game goes for 10 minutes, with players equipped with unlimited snowballs (no guns in this fun-filled event) as well as special boosts to achieve their goal.

If there’s a tie at the end of 10 minutes, it will go into overtime, with the first team to score in Sudden Death winning the game.

Castle in Rainbow Six Snow Brawl eventUbisoft
Get ready for a big snowball fight in Rainbow Six’s Snow Brawl event.

Rainbow Six Christmas skins for Blackbeard, Osa, Thorn, more

Team Rainbow’s operators aren’t taking on Snow Brawl in their usual combat-ready garb. Instead, they’ve got a festive flare, from big Santa suits for Blackbeard to a little reindeer costume for Osa.

Each member of the Orange Blizzards (Ash, Blackbeard, Buck, Montagne, Osa) and Blue Blades (Castle, Frost, Rook, Thorn, Vigil) will receive a skin in the Snow Brawl collection.

Some of them are distinctly festive, while others are more akin to playing dress-up, like Vigil’s Oni costume.

Rainbow Six Snow Brawl collectionUbisoft
There’s a festive array of skins available during Rainbow Six’s Snow Brawl event.

You can earn these skins by opening Snow Brawl packs, which you can earn by playing the new game mode. There are also missions on offer which will give you both packs as well as extra XP for your Operation High Calibre battle pass. They will rotate weekly, so be sure to check back regularly.

Alternatively, individual skins can be bought in bundles for 1680 R6 Credits each.

Rainbow Six Snow Brawl event end date

The Rainbow Six Snow Brawl event will run from December 14 until January 4, 2022. Once the event ends, the skins and CTF game mode will be retired until next Christmas (or forever), so get in quick.