Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Update – Outback map, Operators trailer and more


Ubisoft have revealed a shed load of new content for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege as the game heads towards Australia. Here’s everything you need to know about the Operation Burnt Horizon update.  

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The developer recently revealed their roadmap for Year 4, which included four seasons – each of which would host in-game events to test out gameplay. 

Rainbow Six fans will be able to discover the new Outback service station map, play with two brand new operators and much more as the game enters its latest chapter. 

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UbisoftThis new Outback map will soon be available in Rainbow Six Siege.

Other new features include a Newcomer Playlist, Operator Hibana has been rigged out with a brand new elite set, and there will – of course –  be a whole host of new Burnt Horizon skins to attach to your favorite weapons. 

However, before looking at the tweaks and adjustments that have been made to the game with this update, let’s take a look at the gameplay. 

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Ubisoft has revealed a gameplay launch trailer for Operation Burnt Horizon, which gives fans their first glimpse of the new gaming experience and also includes a number of handy tips as well. 

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New Operators

Two new Operators will be introduced in the new patch: Gridlock, as shown below, as well as Mozzie. Each of these new characters will bring something new to the game, with two new unique abilities. 

Gridlock is an attacking Operator and their unique ability will be in the form of a gadget, called Trax Stingers. This is a portable version of road spikes that “deploys a hexagonal cluster of spikes,” according to the patch notes. 

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Primary weapons for Gridlock will be the F90 and M249, whereas secondaries include Super Shorty and SDP 9mm – making her potentially a really interesting new addition to the battlefield. 

UbisoftGridlock is one of the new playable Operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

On the other hand, Mozzie is quite different – as he’s a defender. Mozzie’s weapons include the P10 Roni, Commando 9, Super Shorty, SDP 9mm and his main unique ability is the Pest Launcher, which can be used to defend areas against drone strikes. 

“When launched, the Pest latches onto the nearest enemy drone and obscures its camera. It then initiates an override sequence to hack the drone and give control to Mozzie,” an official description states. “Counter-intelligence is enabled with no risk of a counter hack. Single-use only, Pests self-destruct by dissolving into thin air once their target is in Mozzie’s control.”

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New trailer for Operators

We don’t have to just rely on the description of the characters, though, as there’s an official trailer showing the pair in action. 

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New Outback map

One of the most exciting changes included in the Operation Burnt Horizon patch is the raw experience that players will soon be able to immerse themselves in. That starts with Outback, a lonely service station placed in the middle of nowhere on one of the many vast highways of Australia. 

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“The focus returns to a style of gameplay that players have enjoyed in the past,” the description from Ubisoft states, where the developer revealed that this map might require a lot more strategy than first meets the eye. 

Operator Balancing 

This new update won’t just impact the setting of Rainbow Six, though, as several fixes have been implemented where Operators are concerned. The following changes have been made to balance out the Operators, according to the official patch notes

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  • Ash: Removed ACOG from R4-C.
  • Lesion: Reduced Gu Mine damage per tick from 8 to 4.
  • Maverick: Increased swap time between SURI Torch and weapons.
  • Dokkaebi: After 18 seconds, phone calls will hang up on their own. Being in range of Mute jammers will prevent Dokkaebi from calling you. Walking into range of Mute jammers will hang up phone calls during the call. 
  • Capitao: Increased area of effect size. Reduced damage per tick from 19 to 12. 
  • Clash: Removing Muzzle Brake on Machine Pistol.

A number of other changes within this new patch are set to fix bugs that were found in Rainbow Six, concerning bulletproof cameras, crouch spamming and more. 

So far, there is no strict launch date for the full version but it is live in test servers. 

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