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xQc unleashes on trash talking teammate during Rainbow Six match

Published: 2/Jan/2019 16:27 Updated: 2/Jan/2019 16:57

by Calum Patterson


Former professional Overwatch player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is an experienced trash talker himself, but when the tables are turned, the popular streamer knows how to deal with an in-game troll.

xQc shifted to ‘variety’ streaming after his Overwatch account was suspended, meaning he has been playing all manner of games including CS:GO, Fortnite and now Rainbow 6 Siege.

Like Overwatch, Siege is a team-based competitive shooter, where players are expected to communicate as a team in an effort to win ranked matches and progress to higher levels.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most online games, not all of these interactions are positive, but xQc is well versed in voice chat ‘trash talk’.


After his teammate, “Chuck3742”, calls Lengyel out for only having a single kill after three rounds, the streamer made him instantly regret his decision to speak out.

Checking Chuck’s K/D ratio, which sat at a measly 0.1, xQc launched into a tirade, which was so perfectly executed it almost sounded rehearsed.

“You have 0.1 K/D in ranked – you get a kill every time you die, 10 TIMES!” xQc shouted, continuing “you should not only uninstall your game, you should give your computer to a fucking local shelter or library!”

It is these outbursts which have made xQc the popular streamer that he is, even after moving away from his primary game on Overwatch. His following continues to grow, showing viewers are there for his antics, rather than just the game he is playing.


His actions have sometimes got him into trouble in the past however, with his most recent suspension for Overwatch believed to be for toxic behavior, according to xQc himself.

Rainbow 6 Siege has possibly the strictest rules around toxicity, particularly for in-game chat. As of July 2018, Ubisoft is automatically banning players that use certain words in public chat channels, focusing mainly on racist terms.