Rainbow Six

New Rainbow Six Siege defender Aruni revealed: gadget, guns, release date

Published: 8/Nov/2020 18:50 Updated: 8/Nov/2020 18:54

by Isaac McIntyre


Rainbow Six: Siege is adding a new defender, Aruni, to its ever-growing operator roster in Operation Neon Dawn, Ubisoft has confirmed. Here’s everything we know about Team Rainbow’s latest recruit, including her abilities, release date, and more.

Operation Neon Dawn is now on the horizon. The final update of Year 5 in Rainbow Six is set to be a big one, debuting the Skyscraper rework, as well as the final new operator for the year: defender Aruni.

The leaks have been plentiful for Aruni, but as of November 8, everything is locked in. The Thai defender is set to shake up the meta with her Surya gates slowing down attackers on their entry into sites.

She also packs a punch, being the first defender to have a DMR in their arsenal. Here’s everything we know about Aruni, including how her kit works, and when you can get your hands on her.

When will Aruni be released?

Aruni will be released with Operation Neon Dawn, the Y5S4 Rainbow Six expansion. The update will be hitting the test servers shortly, on November 9, as stated in the Six November 2020 Major announcement.

After a few weeks on the test server, she will be made available to players on live, with Year 5 Pass owners getting a week of early access before the others.

Aruni gadget: the ‘Surya’ laser gate

Aruni might pack some firepower, but she also has very potent utility. Her Surya gate will change how attackers approach bombsites as they realise their typical modes of attack are cut off.

The Surya gate blocks off windows, hatches, walls, and doors, not letting anything past ⁠— projectiles, drones, or operators. If an attacker decides to walk through, they’ll take a substantial 40 damage.

The gates will deactivate when something passes through it, and needs to be manually reactivated by shooting the gate. They are indestructible through any means though, and they can’t even be disabled by EMP grenades.

To disable it as an attacker to launch an assault, just throw a flash grenade or another suitable projectile. However, to keep attackers on their toes throughout the round, it might be worth looking at picking up your gates and moving them.

It would also be remiss to forget about Aruni’s “secondary” gadget, her rocket arm. Instead of meleeing a small hole, Aruni can blast open gaping holes in walls, and take down barricades in one hit with her prosthetic arm. You can use these to create rotate holes without needing a shotgun.

Aruni guns: Mk 14 EBR, P10 Roni

Rainbow 6 Siege Aruni
Meet Aruni, Rainbow 6 Siege’s newest Operator.

Aruni’s arsenal will contain the P10 Roni and the MK14 EBR. This is no joke for a defender ⁠— Mozzie’s P10 Roni is one of the strongest SMGs you can take, and the MK14 EBR is the first DMR available to defenders.

The sights at her disposal means she can’t take long range fights too much ⁠— it maxes out at 1.5x scope ⁠— but the stopping power is incredible. She also has access to the PRB92 sidearm, as well as Barbed Wire and Bulletproof Cameras as her true secondary gadgets.

Aruni will be released as part of Operation Neon Dawn. Aside from her debut and the Skyscraper rework, meta operators Jager, Hibana, and Echo are set for big changes, and other quality of life improvements are on the way

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier mobile battle royale: trailer, gameplay & more

Published: 26/Feb/2021 0:14

by Alan Bernal


Square Enix has announced a new battle royale for their legendary franchise called Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier for iOS and Android.

The new game will be set in Midgar, decades before the setting of the main story. In fact, the game will subtly play on the story of how Shinra amassed their army with the SOLDIER project, the “experimental corps of enhanced fighters.”

Like most battle royales, people will hunt for loot consisting of weapons and abilities, move around a huge map consisting of different landscapes, and team up with other players to be the last in the game.

There’s going to be a ton of hype for the FFVII: The First Soldier release, so read on below for everything including a launch window and a glimpse of the first teaser.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier release date

final fantasy VII 7 the first soldier
Square Enix
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will slightly expand on Midgar’s story.

There isn’t a concrete release date for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, but the battle royale is set for a worldwide launch sometime in 2021.

Everyone with an iOS or Android device will be able to download the game for free and jump into this new look for Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier trailer

Though brief, the teaser trailer did a lot to showcase what players can expect when Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier launches later in the year.

Everything from transportation to different weapons were shown. Take a look at Square Enix’s first trailer for their upcoming battle royale below.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier gameplay

The trailer for FF VII: The First Soldier gave a preview for a ton of gameplay elements that players will get familiar with as they explore Midgar’s landscape.

Other than having a primary/secondary weapon, kits will also include three abilities with what appears to be a dedicated slot for an evasive/defensive option.

Of course, with abilities comes an MP bar that can be seen next to an HP bar. Abilities look like they can be upgraded up to level three.

final fantasy VII 7 the first soldier
Square Enix
There’s a lot going on in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will also have melee animations, summons, PvE elements, micro-transactions, and more.

It’s unclear how many players will be able to drop into Midgar, but more information will be release as we get closer to the release.