Rainbow Six North Star battle pass details: all rewards & challenges


Rainbow Six Operation North Star is now live, and that means now is the time to start grinding the new battle pass. With over 100 tiers of rewards and the chance to unlock the new Operator, Thunderbird, here’s what you need to know.

Rainbow Six Year 6 is blazing by, with Operation Crimson Heist now being replaced by Operation North Star.

Revealed at Six Invitational 2021, the new update features the Favela map rework, Nakoda nation defender Thunderbird, and plenty of operator changes.

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However, to top it all off, there’s a new battle pass that is ready for you to grind. With over 100 tiers of rewards, it’s even bigger than season’s past. Plus, if you want to get your hands on Thunderbird early, you’ll have to look into it.

How much does the North Star battle pass cost?

Like every other Siege battle pass, there’s two tiers for the North Star one. You can go with either the free track or the premium track.

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The free track is exactly as it’s described ⁠— totally free. However, you only get access to a limited number of rewards, including a handful of Alpha packs, headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms.

The Premium track will set you back 1200 R6 Credits, but comes with plenty of benefits. If you buy the Premium track, you’ll get early access to Thunderbird, and all of the goodies that come with the battle pass.

This includes skins for Valkyrie, Maestro, Frost, IQ, Ela, Thermite, Jackal, Thunderbird, Buck, Iana, Flores, Tachanka, Oryx, Kapkan, Bandit, Thatcher, Nomad, and Nokk. There’s also bonus R6 Credits, packs, and more to grab too.

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Rainbow Six Operation North Star battle pass detailsUbisoft
The Operation North Star battle pass is loaded with rewards.

How many tiers are in the North Star battle pass?

Well, unlike previous battle passes, the thing with the North Star one is that there’s an infinite number of tiers. Yes, the progression won’t stop when you hit Level 100.

While the base rewards do end up finishing at Tier 100, you can unlock Alpha packs for every five tiers you complete beyond that. That means you’ll still be rewarded at Tier 105, 110, 115, 120, and beyond.

North Star battle pass challenges

As always, there’ll be a set of personal and community missions for players to complete to help grind the North Star battle pass. These missions refresh every two weeks, so be sure to check back for the latest ones!

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Level Challenge Objective Reward Expiry
Community Destroy Attacker Drones Destroy 55,000,000 attacker drones 850 XP June 28
Personal Bullet Burst Eliminate 20 opponents with SMGs 850 XP June 28
Personal Rifle Expert Eliminate 10 opponents with rifles 850 XP June 28
Personal Trapper Get 15 hits with Claymore / Breach Charge / Kapkan, Frost, Nomad, Lesion, Ela abilities 850 XP June 28
Personal Work For Hire Win five rounds as Thatcher, Bandit, Vigil, or Ela 850 XP June 28

When does the North Star battle pass expire?

The Rainbow Six North Star battle pass will expire on August 30, just in time for Rainbow Six Year 6 Season 3.

We will keep you posted with all the latest Siege updates, including any changes to the battle pass, right here.