Rainbow Six Favela rework full walkthrough: layout, bomb sites, more

Favela rework guide Rainbow Six Operation North StarUbisoft

Favela has received a rework in Rainbow Six Operation North Star. Well, Ubisoft call it a “rework,” but it’s like an entirely new map from top to bottom. Here’s what you need to know.

Favela was one of Siege’s most divisive casual maps. You could hear the collective groans of players when they loaded into the Brazilian map ⁠— no different to loading into Yacht or, god forbid, Skyscraper.

However, the new Favela is an interesting and enjoyable casual map with a surprising amount of depths. Relish in the night vibes of Brazil with Siege’s latest map rework, and throw everything you previously knew about it out the window.

Favela Rainbow SixUbisoft
Bask in the Brazilian nightlife in Rainbow Six’s reworked Favela, new to Operation North Star.

Bomb sites: Basically an entirely new layout

2F ⁠Storage & 2F Coin Farm

The Storage and Coin Farm bomb sites are the replacement for the old Packaging Room and Meth Lab two-tier bomb site in the tower. The new site, entirely located on the second floor, is a lot easier to defend with a wide-open Storage area and a more confined Coin Farm room.

There’s plenty of entry options into the Storage bomb site ⁠— whether it be the new Trash Chute Stairs on the north side of the map, or the balcony on the northwest corner.

2F⁠ Coin Farm & 2F Bunks

The Coin Farm/Bunks site is most similar to the Football Bedroom and Football Office bombsite of old.

Instead of attaching to the open Storage on the north side, Coin Farm is linked with the south-side Bunks, which has a few barricade entrances, as well as an entry from the Football stairs on the southwest side.

Coin Room in Rainbow Six Favela reworkUbisoft
Look at these upmarket Favelas mining crypto.

1F⁠ Pink Apartment & 1F Pink Kitchen

This used to be a split bombsite on the south side of the map between Aunts Bedroom and Aunts Apartment, but is now unified on the first floor.

The new Pink bomb site features a much more expanded layout, with multiple entrances to Pink Apartment from Football Stairs and the East hallway. The kitchen is a bit harder to access, with a destructible wall facing the East hallway making the best entrance onto the site.

1F Blue Bedroom & 1F Green Apartment

New name, but a pretty similar layout. Bikers have been replaced with Blue and Green in the final bombsite on Favela. The bombsite is on the other side of the bottom floor to Pink ⁠— and to be honest, the layouts of both sites are pretty much mirrored.

Blue and Green is a little bit smaller than Pink, with a few more angles to get in as an attacker, so it’s harder to defend. However, it’s still a vast improvement from the old Bikers site.

Favela Mezzanine Stairs Rainbow SixUbisoft
The new Mezzanine Stairs helps connect the two first floor sites nicely.

Major changes: Less destructible walls, more open on the inside

The main change you’ll see walking around Favela is just how much less destructible it is. All the soft walls have been replaced with solid brick, meaning you don’t actually have to do a lot of reinforcing on site. There’s a couple of hatches and soft walls, but not a lot.

On top of this, the crammed map ⁠— full of clutter and whatnot ⁠— is now a lot more wide open. This is especially evident in the new third floor replacing Packaging Room. The downstairs apartments are also less cluttered, making it easy to move around.

The attacker spawns are completely the same from before the rework, but that’s about the only thing that’s stayed the same.

Favela Rainbow SixUbisoft
That entire Yellow building was basically destructible. Not anymore.

Overall, the new Favela is less of a rework and more of an entirely new map. You have to throw all your preconceptions out the window and just relish in what is, in all ways, practically a new map.

We can all agree the old Favela was subpar. This new version, however, has a lot of promise as a fun, easy to learn and play casual map.

It’s still got that tight feeling like you are in the Favelas of Brazil, but trust ⁠— it’s 100% less frustrating than the old Favela.

The Favela map rework is part of Operation North Star in Rainbow Six. The second expansion of Year 6 also includes new defender Thunderbird, the introduction of “after death activities,” and a host of reworks for Melusi, Smoke, and more.