Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022: Rogue claim the title after an incredible 5 hour long match

Andrew Amos
an image of Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022

The Rainbow Six Berlin Major is here with 16 of the best Siege teams around the world contesting the big title in Germany. Follow all the action here with the streams to watch the latest schedule, results, and more.

  • LeonGids took advantage of the birthday buff and took his revenge on FaZe. Hard to think of a better birthday present than a Major title
  • Rogue denied FaZe two international wins in one year
  • This set was one of the closest in Siege’s history, with multiple matches going to round 15 and the full set clocking in at around 5 hours and 20 minutes long

Germany is hosting its first Six Major in 2022 as 16 of the best Siege teams from across the world descend on Berlin for the season’s second big international tournament.

After the Charlotte Major was plagued with visa issues keeping some teams at home, there’s a hope the Six Berlin Major will be the best litmus test of how international Siege is stacking up in the run into February’s Six Invitational.

And that litmus test says that Rogue is the best team right now. FaZe narrowly missed claiming the title after Rogue came back from a 1-2 deficit in their down-to-the-wire victory. With the crowd chanting their name, Rogue took the win for Europe and managed to defeat one of the best squads in Rainbow 6: Siege.

DarkZero lifting trophy at Six Charlotte Major 2022
DarkZero won the Rainbow Six 2022-23 season’s first Major in Charlotte, but missed qualification for Berlin.

Keep up with all the Six Berlin Major action right here, including the latest info during the August event.


Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022: Stream

The Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022 will be streamed, like all Siege esports events, on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel, which we have embedded below for your convenience. Be sure to check out the Bravo stream too if the game you want to watch isn’t on the main broadcast.

Miss a game? Catch up with VODs on the Rainbow Six Esports YouTube channel.

Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022: Schedule & results

Playoffs: August 19 — August 21

Day 1: August 19

Quarterfinalsw7m 2-1 Elevate2:00AM5:00AM10:00AM
QuarterfinalsXSET 2-0 Wolves5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM
QuarterfinalsG2 0-2 Rogue8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM
QuarterfinalsFURIA 1-2 FaZe11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM

Day 2: August 20

SemifinalsXSET 1-2 Rogue6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM
Semifinalsw7m 0-2 FaZe9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM

Day 3: August 21

Grand FinalRogue 3-2 FaZe8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM

Group Stage: August 15 — August 17

Day 1: August 15

Group ADAMWON 2-7 Rogue1:30AM4:30AM9:30AM
Group DElevate 7-4 MNM Gaming1:30AM4:30AM9:30AM
Group ADAMWON 1-7 NiP2:50AM5:50AM10:50AM
Group DElevate 7-3 Astralis2:50AM5:50AM10:50AM
Group BSANDBOX 3-7 G2 Esports4:20AM7:20AM12:20PM
Group CWolves 8-7 Gaimin4:20AM7:20AM12:20PM
Group BSANDBOX 5-7 FaZe5:50AM8:50AM1:50PM
Group CWolves 7-4 Oxygen5:50AM8:50AM1:50PM
Group AXSET 4-7 Rogue7:20AM10:20AM3:20PM
Group DFURIA 7-1 MNM Gaming7:20AM10:20AM3:20PM
Group AXSET 7-3 NiP8:45AM11:45AM4:45PM
Group DFURIA 7-4 Astralis8:45AM11:45AM4:45PM
Group BSoniqs 6-8 G2 Esports10:10AM1:10PM6:10PM
Group Cw7m 7-4 Gaimin10:10AM1:10PM6:10PM
Group BSoniqs 4-7 FaZe11:40AM2:40PM7:40PM
Group Cw7m 7-4 Oxygen11:40AM2:40PM7:40PM

Day 2: August 16

Group AXSET 7-4 DAMWON1:30AM4:30AM9:30AM
Group DMNM Gaming 6-8 Astralis1:30AM4:30AM9:30AM
Group ARogue 5-7 NiP2:50AM5:50AM10:50AM
Group DElevate 7-5 FURIA2:50AM5:50AM10:50AM
Group BSANDBOX 7-5 Soniqs4:20AM7:20AM12:20PM
Group CWolves 3-7 w7m4:20AM7:20AM12:20PM
Group BFaZe 7-3 G2 Esports5:50AM8:50AM1:50PM
Group CGaimin 4-7 Oxygen5:50AM8:50AM1:50PM
Group ADAMWON 7-5 NiP7:20AM10:20AM3:20PM
Group DMNM Gaming 8-6 FURIA7:20AM10:20AM3:20PM
Group AXSET 7-4 Rogue8:45AM11:45AM4:45PM
Group DElevate 8-6 Astralis8:45AM11:45AM4:45PM
Group BFaZe 7-4 SANDBOX10:10AM1:10PM6:10PM
Group CGaimin 6-8 Wolves10:10AM1:10PM6:10PM
Group BG2 Esports 7-4 Soniqs11:40AM2:40PM7:40PM
Group COxygen 1-7 w7m11:40AM2:40PM7:40PM

Day 3: August 17

Group ADAMWON 6-8 Rogue1:30AM4:30AM9:30AM
Group DElevate 2-7 MNM Gaming1:30AM4:30AM9:30AM
Group ADAMWON 1-7 XSET2:50AM5:50AM10:50AM
Group DElevate 1-7 FURIA2:50AM5:50AM10:50AM
Group BSANDBOX 8-6 Soniqs4:20AM7:20AM12:20PM
Group CGaimin 5-7 w7m4:20AM7:20AM12:20PM
Group BSANDBOX 6-8 G2 Esports5:50AM8:50AM1:50PM
Group CGaimin 8-7 Oxygen5:50AM8:50AM1:50PM
Group ANiP 5-7 Rogue7:20AM10:20AM3:20PM
Group DAstralis 4-7 MNM Gaming7:20AM10:20AM3:20PM
Group ANiP 5-7 XSET8:45AM11:45AM4:45PM
Group DAstralis 3-7 FURIA8:45AM11:45AM4:45PM
Group BFaZe 5-7 Soniqs10:10AM1:10PM6:10PM
Group CWolves 8-7 w7m10:10AM1:10PM6:10PM
Group BFaZe 0-7 G2 Esports11:40AM2:40PM7:40PM
Group CWolves 7-8 Oxygen11:40AM2:40PM7:40PM

Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022: Final placements

Group Stage

Group A

3Ninjas in Pyjamas2-0-0-4-26
4DAMWON Gaming1-0-1-4-204

Group B

1G2 Esports3-2-0-1+1413
2FaZe Clan4-0-0-2+212
3SANDBOX Gaming1-1-1-3-66

Group C

1w7m esports5-0-1-0+1716
2Wolves Esports1-3-1-1+210
3Oxygen Esports1-1-1-3-96
4Gaimin Gladiators0-1-2-3-104

Group D

3MNM Gaming2-1-1-2-19


PlacementTeamSI PointsPrize Money (USD)
5-8G2 Esports165$20,000
9-12Oxygen Esports105$10,000
9-12SANDBOX Gaming105$10,000
9-12MNM Gaming105$10,000
13-16Gaimin Gladiators50$5,000
13-16DAMWON Gaming50$5,000

Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022: All qualified teams

16 teams qualified for the Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022 from all across the globe. Every region across the world — Europe, North America, Latin America, and APAC — got four slots each.

There has been a change in one of the region’s qualification processes since the Charlotte Major. Instead of there being a joint APAC playoffs to determine the region’s four spots, both APAC North and APAC South will be given two spots each after the combined playoffs were canned for Stage 2.

As for the actual teams attending, there’s one big omission as Charlotte Major champions DarkZero failed to make it through to defend their title. An Australian team will not be in attendance either after Knights were upset by Gaimin Gladiators in APAC South.

You can find the full list of teams below for the Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022 below.

DAMWON GamingAPACCATsang, yass, coted, RIN, Woogiman
ElevateAPACDCH, Sapper, Onigiri, Markshortboyz, MrPuncH
Gaimin GladiatorsAPACJo, Ape, Hovenherst, Rixx, Tolji
SANDBOX GamingAPACEnvyTaylor, Static, SyAIL, GoodBoy, Arukaze
G2 EsportsEuropeCTZN, Virtue, Alem4o, Doki, Prano
MNM GamingEuropeYuzus, neLo, Tyrant, Neonical, Solotov
RogueEuropeCryn, LeonGids, Kantoraketti, Deapek, Spoit
Wolves EsportsEuropeBiBoo, Mowwwgli, P4, risze, Shiinka
FaZe ClanLATAMAstro, cameram4n, Bullet1, Cyber, soulz1
FURIALATAMMiracle, R4re, Handyy, Stk, Fntzy
Ninjas in PyjamasLATAMKamikaze, Psycho, Muzi, Pino, Wizard
w7m esportsLATAMHerdsZ, GdNN1, Kheyze, Jv92, volpz
AstralisNADpfire, iconic, J9O, Shuttle, Forrest
Oxygen EsportsNAFoxA, LaXInG, VertcL, Nuers, Dream
SoniqsNAsupr, Gryxr, Kanzen, Rexen, Yeti
XSETNAKyno, DiasLucasBr, GMZ, Spiritz, Yoggah