G2 Esports wins Rainbow Six Invitational 2023: Full results


The Rainbox Six Siege 2023 Invitational is now in the books for another year as G2 Esports team came out on top in a tightly contested final series against W7M Esports. If you missed any of the action, fear not, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how it played out.

Every year, Ubisoft hosts the annual Six Invitational, with the best Rainbow Six Siege teams from around the world heading out to earn their share of the prize pool and etch their name in the history books forever. 2023’s iteration featured 20 teams from four different regions staking their claim for the illustrious title, but only one could walk away as the ultimate winner.

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This time around, it was G2 Esports that proved a cut above the rest as they took down W7M Esports 3-1 in an epic grand-final clash.

If you missed any of the 2023 Invitational, brush up below with the full results.


Six Invitational: Final standings

Below you can find the prize pool distribution and the final standings.

Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1 G2 Esports $1,000,000 
2 W7M Esports $450,000
3 Oxygen $240,000
4 Astralis $170,000
5-6 KOI $135,000
Wolves Esports
7-8 Team BDS $105,000
9-12 MNM Gaming $75,000
LOS + oNe
DarkZero Esports
Spacestation Gaming
13-16 Team Liquid $55,000
FaZe Clan
17-20 Elevate $35,000
Dire Wolves
Team Secret

Six Invitational 2023: Stream

The Six Invitational took place from February 7 through February 19. The tournament was streamed live on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel.

Event format

From February 7-11, the group stage took place. Group members all played each other once in a best-of-three series. The first-placed team from each group advanced to upper bracket round two of the playoffs.

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Second and third-place teams from each group advanced to the upper bracket round one of the playoffs.

The Playoffs took place from February 13-19. They were organized into a double-elimination bracket, and all matches except for the Grand Final were best of three series. The Grand Finals was a best-of-five series.

Six Invitational 2023: Playoff schedule and results

Day 6 – Sunday, February 19

Finalw7m 1-3 G211:30 AM3:30 PM8:30 PM

Day 1 – Monday, February 13

UBR1Heroic 0-2 Oxygen7 AM10 AM3 PM
UBR1G2 Esports 0-2 Wolves7:15 AM10:15 AM3:15 PM
UBR1Soniqs 1-2 DarkZero10 AM1 PM6 PM
UBR1Team BDS 1-2 w7m10:15 AM1:15 PM6:15 PM
UBR2MNM 0-2 Oxygen1 PM4 PM9 PM
UBR2LOS + oNe 0-2 Wolves1:15 PM4:15 PM9:15 PM
UBR2KOI 2-0 DarkZero4 PM7 PM12 AM
UBR2M80 1-2 w7m4:15 PM7:15 PM12:15 AM

Day 2 – Tuesday, February 14

LBR1Heroic 0-2 Spacestation7 AM10 AM3 PM
LBR1G2 2-1 FaZe7:15 AM10:15 AM3:15 PM
LBR1Soniqs 1-2 Astralis10 AM1 PM6 PM
LBR1Team BDS 2-1 Team Liquid10:15 AM1:15 PM6:15 PM
LBR2M80 2-0 Spacestation1 PM4 PM9 PM
LBR2DarkZero 0-2 G21:15 PM4:15 PM9:15 PM
LBR2LOS + oNe 1-2 Astralis4 PM7 PM12 AM
LBR2MNM 1-2 Team BDS4:15 PM7:15 PM12:15 AM

Day 3 – Wednesday, February 15

UBR3Oxygen 2-1 Wolves7 AM10 AM3 PM
UBR3KOI 0-2 w7m10 AM1 PM6 PM
LBR3M80 0-2 G21 PM4 PM9 PM
LBR3Astralis 2-1 Team BDS4 PM7 PM12 AM

Day 4 – Friday, February 17

LBR4Wolves 1-2 G28 AM11 AM4 PM
LBR4KOI 1-2 Astralis11 AM2 PM7 PM
UP FinalOxygen 1-2 w7m2 PM5 PM10 PM

Day 5 – Saturday, February 18

LBR5G2 2-0 Astralis8 AM11 AM4 PM
LB FinalOxygen 0-2 G211:30 AM3:30 PM8:30 PM

Six Invitational 2023: Group Stage results

Day 1 — Tuesday, February 7

Aw7m 2-0 Elevate7 AM10 AM3 PM
AKOI 1-2 G2 Esports7 AM10 AM3 PM
BMNM 2-0 Wolves10 AM1 PM6 PM
BTeam Liquid 0-2 Soniqs10 AM1 PM6 PM
CBDS 1-2 Cyclops1 PM4 PM9 PM
CAstralis 1-2 Oxygen Esports1 PM4 PM9 PM
DDarkZero 2-1 Heroic4 PM7 PM12 AM
DM80 2-1 FaZe Clan4 PM7 PM12 AM

Day 2 — Wednesday, February 8

BWolves Esports 0-2 Soniqs7 AM10 AM3 PM
BDire Wolves 0-2 MNM7 AM10 AM3 PM
Aw7m 2-1 G2 Esports10 AM1 PM6 PM
ASpacestation 2-0 Elevate10 AM1 PM6 PM
DDarkZero 0-2 FaZe Clan1 PM4 PM9 PM
DTeam Secret 0-2 Heroic1 PM4 PM9 PM
CBDS 2-1 Oxygen4 PM7 PM12 AM

Day 3 — Thursday, February 9

AKOI 2-0 Elevate7 AM10 AM3 PM
ASpacestation 0-2 w7m7 AM10 AM3 PM
BMNM 2-0 Liquid10 AM1 PM6 PM
BDire Wolves 2-0 Wolves10 AM1 PM6 PM
CAstralis 2-0 CYCLOPS1 PM4 PM9 PM
CLOS + oNe 2-1 BDS1 PM4 PM9 PM
DM80 2-1 Heroic4 PM7 PM12 AM
DSecret 1-2 DarkZero4 PM7 PM12 AM

Day 4 — Friday, February 10

BDire Wolves 0-2 Liquid7 AM10 AM3 PM
BSoniqs 0-2 MNM7 AM10 AM3 PM
AKOI 2-0 Spacestation10 AM1 PM6 PM
AG2 2-0 Elevate10 AM1 PM6 PM
DM80 2-0 Secret1 PM4 PM9 PM
DFaZe Clan 0-2 Heroic1 PM4 PM9 PM
CAstralis 1-2 LOS + oNe4 PM7 PM12 AM
COxygen 2-0 CYCLOPS4 PM7 PM12 AM

Day 5 — Saturday, February 11

ASpacestation 0-2 G27 AM10 AM3 PM
AKOI 2-0 w7m7 AM10 AM3 PM
BSoniqs 2-0 Dire Wolves10 AM1 PM6 PM
BWolves 2-1 Liquid10 AM1 PM6 PM
CLOS + oNe 2-1 Oxygen1 PM4 PM9 PM
CBDS 2-1 Astralis1 PM4 PM9 PM
DTeam Secret 1-2 FaZe Clan4 PM7 PM12 AM
DDarkZero 2-1 M804 PM7 PM12 AM

Six Invitational Groups

Darker Green = Qualified for playoffs’ upper bracket round 2. Light Green = Qualified for playoffs’ upper bracket round 1. Yellow = Qualified for lower bracket. Red = Eliminated.

Group A

Placement Team Points
1 KOI 13
2 G2 Esports 12
3 w7m Esports 11
4 Spacestation 4
5 Elevate 0

Group B

Placement Team Points
1 MNM Gaming 16
2 Soniqs 12
3 Wolves Esports 7
4 Team Liquid 5
5 Dire Wolves 0

Group C

Placement Team Points
1 LOS + oNe 13
2 Team BDS 8
3 Oxygen 8
4 Astralis 7

Group D

Placement Team Points
1 M80 11
2 Heroic 10
3 DarkZero 9
4 FaZe Clan 8
5 Team Secret 2

Six Invitational: Teams & players

Below you can find all the teams that attended Six Invitational and their respective lineups:

Team Region Players
w7m South America HerdsZ, volpz, julio, Kheyze, Jv92
Team BDS Europe Renshiro, BriD, LikEfac, Elemzje, Shaiiko
Wolves Europe BiBoo, P4, risze, Shiinka, Mowwwgli
DarkZero North America Canadian, Skys, Gaveni, njr, Panbazou
Team Liquid South America Lagonis, nesk, Paluh, AsK, resetz
Astralis North America Shuttle, Forrest, Spiff, J90, iconic
KOI Europe cryn, LeonGids, Spoit, Kantoraketti, Deapek
M80 North America GMZ, Kyno, DiasLucasBr, Spiritz, Yoggah
Oxygen North America FoxA, Nuers, Dream, Sweater, VertcL
G2 Esports Europe Virtue, Alem4o, Doki, Blurr, Benjamaster
FaZe Clan South America Astralo, Cyber, soulz1, VITAKING, Bullet1
Soniqs North America Rexen, Gunnar, CTZN, Geometrics, Gryxr
Heroic Europe Grizzly, UUNO, jume, nudl, Sloth
MNM Europe Yuzus, Tyrant, Solotov, Nathan, neLo
Elevate APAC DCH, Sapper, MrPuncH, sprOnigiri, Markshortboyz
CYCLOPS APAC SuzuC, Ayagator, Arcully, Anitun, BlackRay
Dire Wolves APAC Ray, Pikan, Souffle, JackyWu, HARAM3E
Team Secret Europe Savage, ASTRO, Gruby, SlebbeN, Kendrew
Spacestation North America Rampy, Bosco, Yeti, Fultz, Hotancold
Los oNe South America Maia, rhZ, Dotz, d4sh, L0BIN