Rainbow Six community rallies behind operator ban system rework concept

Andrew Amos

Rainbow Six: Siege players are getting behind caster Parker ‘Interro’ Mackay’s operator ban rework concept that’ll allow players to “protect” characters they don’t want banned, as well as removing the attacker-defender limit.

With over 50 operators in the game, and each character bringing something different to every map, bans have become a core of Rainbow Six’s gameplay since being introduced in 2018.

From ranked to pro play, being able to ban pesky operators can really improve the experience, as well as force teams to adapt their strategies.

The current ban system in Rainbow Six allows each team to ban one attacker and one defender operator each, taking four characters out of the game completely. Teams can choose to not ban, but this is very rarely used in pro play, and isn’t advisable in matchmaking.

Rainbow Six Pick Ban System
Rainbow Six’s current ban system takes up to four operators off the table for every game.

However, with the ever-increasing number of operators, and the staleness of the meta at times, popular content creator and caster Interro has devised a new ban system that seems to have the community’s interest piqued.

The reworked model, as described by Interro, will give teams the chance to save operators they would like to play, and not force teams to ban one from each side.

“Remove the requirement that bans be split by attackers/defenders and let teams ban any operator,” he said. “Also, let teams ‘protect’ an operator after the first set of bans.”

Interro’s ban system would allow teams to save who they want to play, meaning operators like Mira, Echo, and Maverick might see some more playtime in pro play. However, it could also skew some maps to be heavily one-sided if players lob all four bans onto a certain side.

“I feel like this could open up a lot of variety in the way teams play certain maps and sites,” he said. “It could also have a lot of influence over whether a map or meta is attacker or defender sided.”

The idea has been met with praise from the community, although others have added their own spin on the system. Fnatic coach Jayden ‘Dizzle’ Saunders suggested that players can protect operators before any team gets to ban.

Those aren’t the only changes the community has started pushing for as well. A petition to remove the six pick system from pro play has also been gaining traction, with players like Davide ‘FoxA’ Bucci and G2’s coach Kevin ‘Sua’ Stahnke pushing the issue.

“If the bans work like [how Interro] proposes, [remove six pick],” said the coach of the two-time Six Invitational champions.

With the Six Invitational around the corner and Season 11 of Pro League already kicked off, it’s unlikely any of these changes will be pushed in the coming months.

However, come Year 5 and Season 12 of Pro League, such changes to the operator ban system could become a reality.

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