PUBG player proposes to girlfriend during PEL Kick-Off Cup

PEL Twitter

In partnership with Chipotle. Find out more about the PUBG pro Mert ‘ABeautifulDeath’ Ozturk proposed to his girlfriend following the Group A matches of the PUBG Europe Kick-Off Cup.

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There’s a lot on the line when you ask someone to marry you because there’s always that chance they’ll say no. Doing it live on stream puts even more pressure on as there’s a chance you could be denied in front of thousands of people.

ABeautifulDeath decided to put it all on the line and throw caution to the wind by proposing to his PUBG semi-pro girlfriend Zeynep Sualp.

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He asked and she said…

During an interview following the first round of play, ABeautifulDeath popped the question to his girlfriend live on stream, much to the surprise of everyone watching.

He asked for a translation for what he was about to say before the arena changed all the monitors to hearts and he pulled out the ring.

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The crowd cheered when she said yes and the presenter brought out balloons for ABeautifulDeath to give to his now-fiance. 

It might be fair to say that his emotions were running higher when he asked the question than when he was actually competing during his PUBG tournament.

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The reception was mixed on social media 

In addition to the positive reaction at the event, the Twitter post about the proposal was filled with people congratulating the two.

Proposals on Twitch are becoming more popular as you might remember the record-breaking stream which also featured a proposal back in April.

However, the responses to the proposal on Reddit haven’t been nearly as positive.

In a post on LivestreamFails, the responses to the video criticized him doing in front of a large crowd and one person even called it a dick move.

It doesn’t look like you can please everyone.