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New PUBG map: Could Venezia 2.0 become a reality?

Published: 3/May/2019 12:02 Updated: 3/May/2019 13:27

by Paul Cot


A new PUBG map concept has resurfaced. Could Venezia 2.0 actually make it into the real game? Many battle royale fans are hoping so.

PUBG Venice

The Venezia PUBG map concept was posted nearly a year ago in May of 2018. This was before Vikendi had even been released.

As its name suggests, it is based on the Italian city of Venice and is comprised of more than 100 small islands – something that would be very different to the current map offerings. 

IamEzalorVenezia 2.0 – the new PUBG map concept based on Venice…

Therefore, this would make for a unique type of battle in PUBG. After all, the current set of maps are predominantly land-based which means traversing into the next circle isn’t overly complicated. You can just hop in a car or buggy and safely make it back to the safe zone. 

The numerous islands would add a much different dynamic to managing the circle, though. There’s no doubt a Venice type map (or Venezia as it has been called) would result in a different play style in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, especially with so much water between the pieces of land.

Venezia 2.0

Venezia was designed by IamEzalor and received positive feedback from fellow Redditors. However, their first design was a tad too expansive – including hundreds of buildings and more bridges than we had seen in all PUBG maps combined.

IamEzalorVenezia 2.0 vs Venezia 1.0…

While unique, the concern many fans had was that the map’s detail would result in poor performance, even on PC. Consequently, a Venezia 2.0 was released. This included 66% less buildings, 50% less bridges, the addition of shallow water to run through, and some other minor adjustments.

Could Venezia be the next PUBG map?

At this point, nobody really knows what the next PUBG map is going to look like. PUBG Corp seem to be keen on adding new maps, as the game’s history has indicated so far, but there has been no official indication of what’s coming up next. 

With that said, there are currently four maps already and with the game ageing, player count may be a concern. An additional map would only fragment it further and would all but remove the chance of having separate playlists for each map.

On the other hand, a new map – especially with the uniqueness of Venezia – could reinvigorate the game, albeit perhaps in the short-term only.

IamEzalorVenezia would be a lot smaller than Erangel…

Previous maps

The maps and the choices they provide are arguably the best feature of PUBG. The original map, Erangel, is still popular today and has even undergone some loot balancing changes.

Miramar, the desert-based map, was the second to be introduced to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. In terms of land mass, this is the biggest map the game has to offer.

While the first two were officially 8km by 8km (with Erangel being mostly sea), the third PUBG map was Sanhok – a smaller map focused on faster gameplay. Sanhok is a quarter of the size of Erangel and Miramar measuring 16km squared.

The most recent map addition was Vikendi. The snow map is a combination of the three previous maps and is also between them in terms of size at 36km squared.


PUBG Mobile 1.2 patch notes: Runic Power mode, Metro Exodus chapter, new FAMAS, more

Published: 12/Jan/2021 17:19

by James Busby


PUBG Mobile is kicking off the new year with the 1.2 update, which brings plenty of new and exciting changes to the game. If you wish to get the lowdown on the Runic Power Mode, then be sure to check out the patch notes below.

PUBG Mobile has just rolled out its next big update which includes the new Runic Power Mode, which gives players special powers they can use to defeat the competition. There’s also the addition of the Metro Exodus collaboration and the new FAMAS Rifle. Aside from all the new content, there are also a number of bug fixes and other performance improvements. 

There’s certainly plenty of content for PUBG Mobile players to get stuck into, so make sure you read all the game’s latest patch notes below before queuing up for that next adrenaline-fueled match. 

PUBG patch 1.2 notes

Runic Power PUBG Mobile
PUBG Corporation / xFAIRx
The Runic Power mode will let you live out your superhero dreams.

Runic Power mode 

PUBG Mobile’s latest game mode allows players to get access to special powers. Choose from three Runes, then collect Rune fragments, and use them to aid you in your fight to become the final winner on the battlefield. 

Runic Power gameplay 

  • Players will choose their Rune energy type on Spawn Island. You will need to choose to bring either the Flame Rune, Arctic Rune, or Wind Rune into the current match.
  • After selecting a rune, you will get 2 skills. The first skill summons an object, and the second skill gives you a boost. Using these skills consumes Rune energy.
  • Rune energy can be obtained in matches.

Rune Abilities

PUBG Mobile Runic Powers
PUBG Corporation / xFAIRx
These unique powers could give you the edge needed to grab a win.

Flame Rune:

  • Summon skill – Summons a wheel of flame that rolls forward slowly, dealing burn damage to enemy players it touches.
  • Boost skill – Adds a burning effect to your Ammo for a short time.

Arctic Rune:

  • Summon skill – Summons an ice wall. Each block of the ice wall can be destroyed separately. When the ice wall appears, it will lift up players or vehicles directly above them.
  • Boost skill – Adds a freezing effect to Ammo for a short time. Freezing reduces the effectiveness of healing.

Wind Rune:

  • Summon skill – Summons a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces the damage of bullets shot from outside the shield.
  • Boost skill – Increases your movement and reload speed.

New Firearm

PUBG Corporation / xFAIRx
The FAMAS has an incredibly fast rate of fire.


  • A new assault rifle that uses 5.56mm Ammo. It can be loaded with 25 rounds, has the fastest Rate of Fire among rifles, and is outstanding in close range firefights.
  • The FAMAS can be equipped with a Muzzle (Rifles), Scope, and Mag (Rifles). There is no foregrip, but it comes with its own bipod that reduces recoil when shooting with it in a prone position.
  • Only appears in the Livik Classic Battle Royale map.

Power Armor Mode 

PUBG Mobile Power Armor suit
PUBG Corporation / xFAIRx
This new high-tech Power Armor could be the key to success.

The new Power Armor mode launches in EvoGround on February 5. New high-tech Power Armor has been created on Livik. To create your own set of   Power Armor you must bring Nano Crystals and an Armor Blueprint to the Matrix Base. 

You will have 2 additional chances to respawn yourself or your teammates during a match. Matrix Events will also be available for you to participate in during each match.


  • Teammates can be respawned at research stations. All players can respawn twice. You can choose to respawn yourself or your teammates during a match. Players respawn with basic equipment.

Power Armor

  • Power Armor Chest Piece: Reduces chest damage and increases backpack capacity.
  • Power Armor Arm Piece: Reduces arm damage and increases melee damage.
  • Power Armor Leg Piece: Reduces leg damage and fall damage. Gives a quick dash ability.
  • Assembling the full Power Armor set unlocks its ultimate weapon, the Dragon’s Breath Grenade.

Matrix Events

  • Matrix Event 1: Improved regional supply output.
  • Matrix Event 2: Multiple Matrix airdrops and significantly increased supplies in each airdrop.
  • Matrix Event 3: Life Detectors in research stations are activated and can be used to detect surrounding players.

Metro Royale: Honor Chapter

Metro PUBG Mobile
PUBG Corporation / xFAIRx
Fans of the Metro series will want to take part in this event.
  • Metro Royale: Honor will be available after the game is updated. In keeping with the Season tradition, at the start of a new chapter, your rankings and inventory in Metro Royale will be reset. Fame and NPC Favorability, however, will be retained.
  • New rewards will be available in the latest chapter. Accumulate Honor to get voice packs, outfits, and other permanent rewards!
  • Added new weekly rankings, including Loot and Elimination Rankings.
  • Improved enemy AI from Steel Front and the Cobras to make them more intelligent and challenging.

Make sure you check out the rest of the patch notes on PUBG Mobile’s official site to see all the latest performance fixes.