Will Meloetta debut during Pokemon Go Fest 2021? New logo sparks Mythical speculation

Niantic / The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Go community believes that Unova Mythical Meloetta could make its debut during Go Fest 2021. The event’s logo may have a clue that the Gen V ‘mon will be the star of the July celebration.

On April 27, Niantic revealed that this year’s Pokemon Go Fest will take place in July 2021, and will again be a worldwide event. The developer said that more information will come at a later date.

While there is still a lot we don’t actually know about the celebration, fans believe they have discovered a major hint that a new Mythical could be added to the game. Is the festival debuting Black & White favorite Meloetta?

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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Mythical Meloetta rumor

Details were scarce when Niantic revealed Go Fest will take place in 2021. The developer only left the community with a single promotional image. However, eagle-eyed fans have spotted an interesting detail on the poster.

Around the logo for the 2021 festival are tiny musical notes. This led many to speculate that it is a direct reference to Unova Mythical Meloetta. The ‘mon has hair that looks like a music bar and has arms shaped like quarter notes.

Echoing fellow player speculation, Serebii’s Joe Merrick tweeted out, “Well that logo clearly indicates Meloetta.” The veteran Pokemon fan sparked a discussion on the social media platform.

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Joe Merric tweet on Go Fest Meloetta

Users agreed that it seemed that Niantic was hinting at the Gen V Mythical. One fan pointed out “The not so subtle “stay Tuned” and the musical notes in the logo makes me feel like it’ll have Meloetta as well.” Another said, “As does their “stay *tuned*” with tuned in italics. Music time!”

One Trainer reacted to the picture immediately and wrote “Meloetta most likely.”

Pokemon fans react to Go Fest 2021 Meloetta

Only time will tell if the prediction pans out. Although it seems likely given Niantic has a history of making teases in a similar fashion. Of course, it’s always good to keep expectations in check as the Gen V Mythical is by no means confirmed.

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Like previous celebrations, Go Fest 2021 will be worldwide. So wherever you live, you can go outside and participate in the two-day long festivities. Keep it locked to @PokemonSwordNS for the latest updates.