What “big project” will be revealed at Pokemon Presents?

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Pokemon fans are expecting a big announcement at this Wednesday’s Pokemon Presents stream. The hype for the reveal is increasing as trainers speculate as to what the teased big project could be.

The stream will take place on June 24 at 6am PDT (9am EDT and 2pm BST). You can watch it below.

The Pokemon Company have given little to no clues as to what the project is. However, in the minds of many, it is seemingly one of two things.

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Diamond and Pearl remake

Upon the announcement of the announcement, trainers were quick to speculate that the much wanted remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl could be revealed. It is a game that has been rumored for several years and is surely a case of when, and not if, it is coming.

The last mainline generation to be remade was Gen 3 in 2013 with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Since then the Kanto region got its second remake with Pokemon Let’s Go but surely Gen 4 will be next. Or will it?

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Let’s Go 2

While a return to Sinnoh was quickly speculated upon, eagle-eyed trainers noticed something interesting in the background of the initial Pokemon Presents on June 17. Behind Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokemon Company, was a number of plush Pokemon toys.

All of these had something in particular in common. That was all of them are from Gen 2 – the Johto region. This has led trainers to believe Ishihara is hinting that a remake of Gen 2 is up next.

More specifically, that a second version of Pokemon Let’s Go is coming. We don’t know what it would be called but Let’s Go 2, Let’s Go Johto and Let’s Go Gold Silver are just some of the names that have been thrown around.

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Let's Go 2
they Pokemon Let’s Go was a re-imagining of the Kanto region, Johto is seemingly next…


Another less talked about alternative is a brand new game produced by Tencent. They are responsible for huge titles such as League of Legends, PUBG: Mobile and they even have a stake in Fortnite – in short they are big.

They are also releasing a yet to be announced Pokemon game alongside the Pokemon Company. No other details are known about it but could Pokemon Presents finally be the time it is revealed or will it be either a Gen 4 remake or a second Let’s Go game. We’ll get to find out on June 24!

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