Viral Pokemon TikTok turns trainer into epic Charizard & Ash cosplay

littlejem4 / The Pokemon Company

In a viral Pokemon TikTok, this creator made an insane Charizard costume by hand to fit right in with their Ash cosplay – giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how they made it. 

Pokemon has been a cultural phenomenon that has transcended mere video games and cards for over a decade.

Stealing the hearts of many with its beautiful cast of monsters, the franchise continues to thrive with passionate members of the community recreating their favorite characters in fan art and cosplay.

Using the video social media app, TikTok, one user showed off an absolutely stunning cosplay of Charizard that does the massive red dragon proud.

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Pokemon TikTok: Charizard cosplay goes viral

Charizard PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Charizard is a staple in the Pokemon universe as one of its most recognizable and beloved creatures.

With over a whopping 6.6 million views, 1.1 million likes, and 6,300 comments, this Tiktokker has gone viral with their Charizard cosplay creation.

The TikTok features a step-by-step creation of the impressive outfit, using PVC pipe and large amounts of red/orange cloth to replicate the dragon’s color.

And the results speak for themselves, made even more intense by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s verse in Face Off playing in the background.

Such a creation had to have taken this trainer a considerable amount of time to get right, from the Charizard itself, even to the Ash accompanying the Pokemon.

LittleJem, the user who posted this TikTok, has shown off the Charizard cosplay previously alongside some of her other impressive takes, each having their own impressive attention to detail.

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As Pokemon Legends Arceus and the Gen 4 remakes draw closer, expect Pokemon to once again reenter the front of many players’ minds.

Although, for some still enjoying Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, or even the trading card scene it may have never left in the first place.