Wild Pokemon Go glitch changes Wobbuffet encounters and it’s not PG

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A wild Pokemon Go glitch has shaken one player to their core. After seeing Wobbuffet and Cyndaquil like that, there’s no telling they’ll ever be the same.

Pokemon Go, despite its many years of success, is not without the odd glitch – some of which are terrible, while others are hilarious.

And as we’ve seen before, sometimes they are not the most child-friendly.

This one is no different, featuring a Wobbuffet and Cyndaquil up to some adult-looking behavior.

Pokemon Go Wobbuffet glitch

Sableye, Shedinja, and Cubone in Pokemon Go's Dia de Muertos eventNiantic
This Pokemon Go glitch is spooky enough to fit right in with the game’s Halloween festivities.

One unfortunate Pokemon Go player stumbled upon an encounter that we can only call ‘non-PG’ and decided to share their findings with the members of the game’s subreddit.

After over 3,800 upvotes and several endorsements, the NSFW-tagged image has sent the community into a justifiable frenzy.

Proceed with caution, especially if you have a certain image of Wobbuffet and Cyndaquil in your mind that you’d prefer not to be tainted.

The OP captioned this post with a humorous, “Just back away slowly…” which is an appropriate fight or flight response to the staggering situation.

(The image may appear blurred due to its NSFW tag, simply click on the blurred section to see it.)

As you can plainly see, the positioning of the glitch could not be more perfect for a promiscuous joke.

Or, who knows, maybe this is just an indicator of some unknown lore about what Pokemon get up to when the trainers aren’t around? They don’t call them wild Pokemon for no reason.

Whether this is lingering spookiness from the Halloween event or simply an ill-timed glitch is anyone’s guess, but most can agree that this is something that fans will want to move on from sooner rather than later.

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