Pokemon Stadium, Mario Party, more leaked for Nintendo Switch N64 lineup

Nintendo 64 dataminePokemon, Nintendo

Nintendo Switch players can finally explore some an early range of N64 titles, however, the lineup could be getting a jolt of beloved classics according to a newly discovered datamine leak. 

Since the Nintendo Switch launched back in March 2017, familiar franchises have made the leap to the handheld console. Between numerous Legend of Zelda titles and spinoffs, as well as the soon-to-be-released GTA Definitive Edition remasters, fans have mostly remained pleased by the console’s offerings.

The recent launch of the Nintendo 64 emulation service (billed at an extra $50 per year) has brought iconic games such as Mario Kart 64, Star For 64, and the much revered Banjo-Kazooie to the party too.

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Now, the service could be set to add some seriously impressive additional games too.

GTA trilogy graphicsRockstar Games
GTA: Vice City is among the remasters to finally appear on the Switch.

Datamine reveals potential iconic N64 games

The addition of the Nintendo 64 library to the Switch is in its early days but has immense potential given the fans clamoring for older games and being able to play them on the go.

With speculation already surrounding fan-favorite titles such as Goldeneye 007 and others, it appears Nintendo has some surprises up their sleeve for the near future.

Thanks to dataminer @Mondo_Mega, we potentially have the first look at upcoming titles due to drop onto Nintendo Switch Online. Pointing out that list is sorted into “alphabetical order,” Mega also noted that “going by the game IDs there are at least 38 N64 titles planned for NSO.”

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Fans anticipating the lineup have pitched in towards Mega’s findings, as @DarkYuda posits that the likes of Tony Hawk (Pro Skater), Turok, and Ridge Racer 64 are possible titles appearing down the line. The future of Nintendo’s emulated service could wind up as an exceptional win if maintained properly.

However, with teething issues related to performance and input lag, it remains to be seen whether they can keep players pleased in the long run.