Shiny Chandelure appears in new Pokemon Sword & Shield Max Raid event

Alex Garton
Pokemon Sword & Shield Max Raids
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A new Max Raid event has begun in Pokemon Sword & Shield giving trainers the chance to catch Drifblim, Gengar, and Shiny Chandelure.

After the news that Pokemon Legends Arceus will be releasing in January of 2022, a lot of trainers have returned to Sword & Shield to get their fix of the franchise ahead of the new release.

While starting afresh is always an option, getting involved with an ongoing event or new piece of content is usually more fun and rewarding.

Well, despite Sword & Shield releasing all the way back in 2019, Game Freak is still hosting exciting Max Raid events for players and this week is no different.

With a chance to encounter Shiny Chandlure as well Gigantamax Gengar, it’s time you made a return to the Wild Area.

Gigantamax Max Raid Sword & Shield
Game Freak
This Shiny Chandelure event is only available for the weekend.

Sword & Shield Max Raid event adds Shiny Chandelure

As reported by Serebii, a new event has taken over Max Raid Battles and it’s giving players an opportunity to obtain an extremely rare Pokemon. This Summer Ghost Event will take place between August 20 and August 22, 2021.

During this time, players will be able to encounter Gigantamax Gengar, Gengar, Chandelure, and Drifblim in Max Raids. On top of this, Shiny Chandelure will be available to catch at a 2% spawn rate, so you’ll have to keep your fingers crossed and hope luck is on your side!

Remember, make sure you’re prepared before you jump into Max Raids, as these ‘mon are a tough challenge for new players to take on.

Sword & Shield Max Raid event
Game Freak
Pokemon Sword & Shield had various DLCs for players to progress through.

Keep in mind, this Summer event is only running for the next couple of days, finishing on August 22, 2021,  so make sure you get involved while you can!

To make sure you’re always up to date on these changes, check out our dedicated Max Raids tracker for all the latest information.