Pokemon Unite players call for nerf to OP Zapdos boss that’s “way too strong”

Daniel Megarry. Last updated: Jul 26, 2021
Pokemon unite Zapdos nerf
Nintendo / TiMi Studio

The Legendary boss Zapdos has the power to turn the tide of battle in Pokemon Unite, but some players are claiming it’s “way too strong” right now and calling for it to be nerfed.

The new MOBA title from Nintendo and TiMi Studio invites Trainers to take part in hectic 5v5 matches as they aim to collect Aeos energy, defeat other Pokemon, and score more points than their opposing team before time is up.

While many players are busy debating which playable Pokemon is the best, some have taken to social media to voice their concerns over the Legendary boss Zapdos being too overpowered – and they want it to be nerfed.

Pokemon Unite Zapdos
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Zapdos can completely change the outcome of a match.

Is Zapdos OP? Pokemon Unite players think so

For those yet to jump into the new multiplayer game, Zapdos is a powerful boss fight that spawns at the center of the stadium during the final two minutes of a match, and there are some huge rewards for defeating it.

The team that scores the final blow to Zapdos is awarded loads of points for their achievement, and the time it takes to score points in the opponent’s goals is reduced to zero, helping them steal a win at the last minute.

So why do people have a problem with this? Well, the image shared in a Reddit thread (which you can see below) might help demonstrate the issue.

Essentially, a team can lead 90% of the match only to be beaten at the last minute because the opposing team managed to defeat Zapdos. It’s left some Unite players questioning if it’s even worth trying until Zapdos appears.

“I have played for eight hours straight pretty much and only once has the team that got Zapdos not won. It’s definitely way too strong,” wrote one player.

Another added: “This is why the first 8 minutes of every match are irrelevant, and each match is little more than a coin flip to see who gets Zapdos.”

When the official Pokemon Unite Twitter account asked Trainers to share feedback on July 25, some of them took the opportunity to bring the issue directly to Nintendo and TiMi Studio’s attention.


While many Trainers agree that Zapdos is simply too strong right now, most don’t want the Legendary boss to be removed entirely – they just want it nerfed to put the focus back on performing well throughout the whole match.

With Pokemon Unite scheduled for a mobile release in September, there’s still plenty of time for the devs to implement some changes to Zapdos. It will be interesting to see if they do that or leave it as powerful as it is right now.