Pokemon Unite Held Items upgrade costs – Item Enhancers explained

The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite has a progression system that allows players to update their stats. Here is a breakdown of the Held Items’ upgrade costs and how many Items Enhancers you will need to reach the top.

Like the Game Freak RPGs, Pokemon Unite Trainers can actually level up their ‘mon using the Held Items system. The equippable objects offer major stat increases each time your character goes into battle.

Those looking to have an edge on opponents may be wondering how much it will cost to upgrade the addons. This guide will take a look at how many Item Enhancers you will need for each level.

Pokemon Unite Held Items being upgradedThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Players can upgrade their Held Items at various costs.

Pokemon Unite Held Items Upgrade cost explained

In the TiMi Studios MOBA, players can equip up to three Held Items to each of their Pokemon. These objects can be upgraded all the way to level 30, substantially increasing the stat buffs they give.

Users looking to upgrade their Held Items will have to use the multiplayer’s free in-game currency – Item Enhancers. However, at each level you go, the cost to upgrade goes up higher and higher.

Below is a complete breakdown of each level, and how many Item Enhancers you will need for each one. Trainers will need to save up, it gets steep!

Pokemon Unite Held Items upgrade costs

Held Items Item Enhancers Needed to Upgrade
Level 1 0
Level 2 3
Level 3 4
Level 4 5
Level 5 6
Level 6 8
Level 7 10
Level 8 12
Level 9 14
Level 10 20
Level 11 25
Level 12 30
Level 13 35
Level 14 40
Level 15 45
Level 16 50
Level 17 55
Level 18 60
Level 19 65
Level 20 80
Level 21 100
Level 22 120
Level 23 140
Level 24 160
Level 25 180
Level 26 210
Level 27 240
Level 28 270
Level 29 300
Level 30 300

How to get Item Enhancers in Pokemon Unite

At the time of writing, there is no way to pay real money for Item Enhancers. However, TiMi Studios gives players several options on obtaining the pivotal currency needed to upgrade Held Items, which we will list below:


Pokemon Unite Events Item EnhancersThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Players can get Item Enhancers from Events.

In the Events tab, players can complete various quests such as scoring goals or playing a certain amount of matches to get rewards. One of them is Item Enhancers.

Aeos Emporium Store

Pokemon Unite Aeos Emporium Item EnhancersThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Trainers can trade in their Aeos Tickets for Item Enhancers.

In the MOBA’s in-game store, the Aeos Emporium, players can actually trade in their Aeos Tickets for Item Enhancers. The cost is 10 tickets for 1 enhancer – not a bad trade given how many tickets you will end up accumulating.

Pokemon Unite Trainer level

Pokemon Unite Trainer Level Item EnhancersThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Item Enhancers are rewarded when leveling up your Trainer level.

Trainers can actually get Item Enhancers by simply playing the game. The upgrade Item is given out as rewards at various levels as you increase your overall Trainer status.

Pokemon Unite Battle Pass

Pokemon Unite Battle Pass Item EnhancersThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The coveted Item is a reward in the Battle Pass.

Item Enhancers are also rewards unlocked throughout the Battle Pass. While the premium-paid version offers more rewards, most of the Item Enhancer unlocks are available in the free version, so keep grinding!

Energy Rewards

Pokemon Unite Energy RewardsThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Players can score Item Enhancers through the Energy Reward system.

Lastly, Item Enhancers are one of the rewards offered in the game’s loot box system: Energy Rewards. Trainers can spin up to 30 times a day, for a chance to score the Held Items upgrade currency.

Those looking to score a complete set of Held Items maxed out are going to need a ton of Item Enhancers. The best way to do this is just playing a lot of matches. TiMi Studios offers Trainers a flurry of ways to get the currency (all of them tied to participating in matches).

Trainers who are willing to spend money in the Aeos Emporium can buy Energy Boost Tanks, which speed up the Energy you get. There are also Battle Point Boost cards that speed up your Trainer level progression.