What are Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite? Paid currency explained

Pokemon Unite Aeos GemsThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite has launched on the Nintendo Switch. The MOBA features cosmetics and a battle pass that can be bought with Aeos Gems. Here is a breakdown of the in-game currency and how much it costs to purchase it with real money.

Pokemon Unite is finally here and is filled to the brim with items to unlock. While the Nintendo MOBA has its own in-game currency, users will have to convert real money to obtain it.

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From Holowear to Held Items, users can buy many things with Aeos Gems to customize their Pokemon and Trainer. This guide will explain how much money you will need to shell out.

Pokemon Unite license screenThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Aeos Gems can be used to purchase Pokemon Licenses as well as the Premium Battle Pass.

What are Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite technically has five in-game currencies, which include: Aeos Coins, Aeos Tickets, Aeos Gems, Fashion Tickets, and Holowear Tickets.

Aeos Gems are the premium currency of the MOBA. The highly sought-after gems can purchase pretty much anything in the game, and is the only way to unlock the Premium Battle Pass.

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Unlike the other currencies, Aeos Gems are obtained with real money through the title’s store. Below we will break down how much it costs to purchase them with real-world currency.

How much do Aeos Gems cost in real money in Pokemon Unite

Gem amount Price
60 (+60 for first-time purchase) $0.99 / £0.99
245 (+245 for first time-purchase) $3.99 / £3.99
490 (+490 for first-time purchase) $7.99 / £7.99
1,220 (+1,220 for first-time purchase) $19.99 / £19.99
2,450 (+290 bonus) $39.99 / £38.99
3,050 (+290 bonus) $49.99 / £48.99
6,000 (+1,100 bonus) $99.99 / £99.99

While all 20 Pokemon are technically free, they must be unlocked by acquiring a license for each character. Aeos Gems can bypass all the work and let you unlock the character right away.

So those not satisfied with the Starter Pokemon given to you after the tutorial may want to consider using real money to get the ‘mon they want from the start.

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The premium version of the Battle Pass is also locked behind gems. Thankfully TiMi Studios is offering double the gems for all first-time purchases, which would ease the sting a little.

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