Pokemon Unite Buzzwole Guide: Best build, held items, moves

Terry Oh

Buzswole is Pokemon Unite’s newest melee all rounder. The massively built bug Pokemon is an absolute unit, who utilizes its crowd control to destroy its enemies. If you want to master Buzzwole, we’ve got a Pokemon Unite Buzzwole Guide here which includes the best build, held items, and move sets.

To celebrate the game’s first year anniversary, Pokemon Unite is releasing three new Pokemon, with Buzzwole serving as the second to debut. Tyranitar is the last for those keeping track, but this guide isn’t about them.

Buzzwole excels in skirmishes, growing stronger the more it hits the enemy. Therefore, it’s essential players build and optimize accordingly — focusing in on its juggernaut playstyle.

This is just a brief overview into what the best Buzzwole build in Pokemon Unite will look like though — so read on for a full guide to their best held items, moves, and more.


Pokemon Unite Buzzwole overview

Since Buzzwole doesn’t require evolutions, the Pokemon is strong from very early on. Make sure to take advantage of Buzzwole’s early game priority to bully the enemy out of laning phase.

The main mechanic to be mindful of for Buzzwole is its passive, Beast Mode. This stacks a bar called Muscle Gauge, which increases every time Buzzwole hits an enemy pokemon. Each stack provides a buff, and at full stacks, Buzzwole becomes an absolute monster. Conversely, the bar decreases when out of combat.

But keep in mind — this requires Buzzwole to hit enemy Pokemon, not wild Pokemon. Therefore, simply farming won’t provide any benefit for stacking the gauge. To best make use of Buzzwole’s early game alongside passive, take it top or bottom lane rather than jungle.

Pokemon Unite buzzswole build
Buzzwole’s passive requires hitting enemy pokemon, not wild.

Best battle items for Buzzwole in Pokemon Unite

Honestly, Pokemon Unite Buzzwole benefits from a myriad of different items — so cater the item to best suit your play style rather. There will be some short descriptions outlining the benefits of specific battle items.


For players looking to deal as much damage as possible, X-Attack is solid, especially when used on top of the buff provided from a fully stacked Beast Mode.


The longer Buzzwole stays alive during a team fight, the more damage it can dish out when fully stacked. And potion provides a sizeable burst of heal — helping Buzzwole do exactly that.

Eject Button

Okay, this one is a bit more interesting. Take Eject Button only for a maximum CC cheese build to absolutely surprise the enemy by hurling them towards your allies for easy pickings.

Full Heal

When playing against crowd control enemies, Full Heal is perfect for allowing Buzzwole to keep moving.

Best held items for Buzzwole in Pokemon Unite

Since there are various viable play methods for Buzzwole, this section will have two separated builds — one prioritizing damage, and the other focused on becoming a very tanky juggernaut. Both are viable, and have room to adjust as players deem fit.

Depending on the Emblem system, these may get tweaked a slight amount, but the base information presented here should provide a great general guideline.

Juggernaut Buzzwole

This build provides scaling survivability — very much capitalizing on Buzzwole’s powerful passive to deal damage. Therefore, the items in this particular build help Buzzwole stack, while also simultaously helping him hit harder once he does get buffed up.

Recommended Held Items

  • Muscle Band
  • Focus Band
  • Weakness Policy

Alternative Held Items (switch out Focus Band)

  • Attack Weight

For Buzzwole, Muscle Band is a must-use for every build. Since the Pokemon deals attack damage, and relies heavily on stacking its passive as fast as possible, Muscle Band provides the essential bonus stats to help the bug Pokemon reach those max stacks.

Weakness Policy can be argued as a must use for every build as well — but it’s not nearly as important as Muscle Band. Since Buzzwole is on the tankier side, Weakness Policy provides survivability and attack stats all in one, while synergizing well with its passive.

As for Focus Band, this one really just adds extra survivability, which is really nice for players who tend to overextend too often. The additional healing helps Buzzwole fight for extended periods of time, once again synergizing with its passive.

Attack Weight is a great alternative for Focus Band, especially for players who don’t find themselves necessarily needing the extra survivability. Since Buzzwole’s early game is overwhelmingly powerful, Attack Weight is easily the best item to snowball a lead, providing a massive amount of attack stats when fully stacked.

Burst Damage Buzzwole

For this build, the held items cater towards burst damage — allowing Buzzwole to 100 to 0 practically any squishy pokemon in the game. The trade off is its survivability, which makes stacking its passive harder.

Recommended held items

  • Muscle Band
  • Razor Claw
  • Attack Weight

Alternative Held items (replace Attack Weight)

  • Scope Lens
  • Weakness Policy

Muscle Band and Attack Weight analysis can be found above. As for Razor Claw, this item is great for low cooldown attack damage pokemon, such as Buzzwole. The critical hit rates provide decent burst damage, working wonders with Buzzwole’s damage oriented move set as well.

As for the alternative, Weakness Policy would replace Attack Weight only because the item is fantastic on Buzzwole. Once again, check above for more analysis.

Scope Lens combos with Razor Claw for maximum critical hit rate, which should be run with critical strike emblems as well.

As mentioned before, Buzzwole’s movesets are surprisngly versatile. All of its moves are completely viable, so mix and match the move sets to best fit your individual playstyle — rather than going for something incredibly meta.

The first move set recommended here, the WWE Buzzwole, is the most optimal for the meta, but this is arguable as they are all honestly great.

WWE Buzzwole

Recommended Moves

  • Smack Down
  • Superpower

This move set is more burst damage oriented, but generally just works wonders. Utilize Superpower and Smackdown to completely immobilize the enemy, which allows Buzzwole to completely 100 to 0 practically any squishy. And although it’s burst damage oriented, it can still go with both the held item recommendation sets.

Mosquito Buzzwole

Recommended Moves

  • Smack Down
  • Leech Life

For this move set, Buzzwole becomes an annoying mosquito who refuses to let the enemy play the game. Leech Life serves as the staple, providing a CC alongside extra healing. Then smack down immediately after, to keep them further immobilized. Take the survivability held item build for this one. Focus Band is the go to item for this build, since it has innate healing built in.

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