Buzzwole revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date

Pokemon Unite BuzzswoleTiMi Studios

Buzzwole was revealed in Pokemon Unite as one of three special additions during the game’s anniversary event, and now leaks are showing what the new Pokemon has in store in terms of moves and stats. Here’s what we know, including Buzzwole’s release date.

Buzzwole is a bug-type pokemon that debuted in the main line series in Generation VII. The Pokemon plays as a melee all-rounder, dealing physical damage.

Making its debut on August 4 in Pokemon Unite, players are understandably curious as to its move sets, release time, and stats.

Here is everything currently known about Buzzwole in Pokemon Unite, the soon-to-be-released Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite BuzzswoleTiM Studios
Buzzwole’s character model in Pokemon Unite, leaked by ElChicoEevee.

Buzzwole release date in Pokemon Unite

Buzzwole is speculated to release in Pokemon Unite on August 4, 2022 at 00:00 UTC. This release date and time was discovered by data miner ElChicoEevee. Buzzwole release date is exactly two weeks after Glaceon’s release date of July 21, 2022, keeping consistent with the update trends.

As for Buzzwole’s cost, players may be able to earn Buzzwole for free during the Pokemon Unite anniversary event — though no information has confirmed this quite yet. Pokemon typically cost 12,000 Aoes Coins or 575 Aoes Gems when purchasing from the store.

Buzzwole stats in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Buzzswole movesTiMi Studios
Buzzwole learns its unite move at level 8

Since it has no evolution, the stat upgrades per level up are relatively steady.

Buzzwole is definitely on the beefier end of the spectrum, show by the all rounder’s high defensive stats. Since it deals physical damage, attach held items accordingly.

Twitter: ElcChicoEevee
Datamined stats for Buzzwole, courtesy of ElChicoEevee

Buzzwole moves in Pokemon Unite

With Buzzwole already joining Pokemon Unite’s public test server, players have been experimenting with the Pokemon’s move sets. Buzzwole’s abilities were leaked by ElChicoEevee just before the test launched.

Buzzwole relies on its area-of-effect damage and crowd control to keep the enemies lock downed. In addition, it’s relatively mobile, with small dashes built into the Pokemon’s kit.

The bug’s unite move flies it into the air, landing soon after and creating a crater on the lowest helath percentage Pokemon. Judging from the PBE gameplay, they seem rather strong.

We’ll keep you updated on all things Buzzwole in Pokemon Unite as more details come through.