Pokemon Ultimate Journeys new episode title hints at next step for Ash & Goh

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Pokemon Ultimate Journeys’ newest episode title has been translated and fans think it could hint at big things for Ash and Goh’s future.

The Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime is nearly wrapped up in Japan following Ash’s victory over Leon to earn the rank of Pokemon Master.

With only a handful of episodes left before the series concludes fans are left wondering where the anime will go next, as the next series is still unannounced.

However, the Pokemon community recently translated the title of the latest episode, and some think the title may hint at the futures of both Ash and Goh.

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Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode title may offer huge hint

A post on the Pokemon Anime subreddit offered a translation for Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 136’s title, which roughly translates to “Satoshi and Goh Set Off Anew.”

Though it was clear that both Ash and Goh’s names were in the title of the episode upon initial translation efforts, the actual meaning was slightly ambiguous. The updated translation is a bit clearer, but fans of the anime are still torn over what exactly this means for the two protagonists.

“People interpret this as if Ash & Goh stay together but I actually think it’s the opposite. I think Ash goes to Paldea by himself and Goh continues his search for Mew,” said Reddit user OmegaFinale.

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However, others disagreed with the interpretation and instead thought the title was a clear sign that the two will both be included in whatever anime series comes next.

“Guys Ash and Goh are traveling together, it’s in the title for a reason,” said one anime fan. Others agreed and expressed that they’d be happy to see Goh return for another series. “I actually like Goh, but maybe make him a bit more chilled out with the Pokémon he catches and don’t let him hoard the spotlight.”

Regardless of what the title of the episode actually means, it won’t be long until the episode airs in Japan on December 16, 2022. Once it does, fans will likely know exactly what lies in store for both Ash and Goh’s Pokemon journeys.

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