Pokemon TCG Lost Origins: When it releases and how to buy it

Laura Gray

The next Pokemon TCG expansion will release alongside new Trainer Gallery cards, offering players a chance to obtain a special version of Charizard, as well as Hisuian Zoroark.

The Pokemon TCG will continue to add new cards to the popular Sword & Shield expansions with the upcoming release of Lost Origin, a set focused on Legends: Arceus favorites Giratina and Zoroark. Recent expansions have included several new changes, including the Shiny variant Radiant Pokemon and Trainer Gallery exclusives.

The Sword & Shield expansions of the Pokemon TCG have seen surprising success over the past several years. While the card game has remained popular for decades, new mechanics and visibility from TCG YouTube streamers caused demand for the cards to skyrocket.

While Pokemon TCG shortages have eased throughout 2022 thanks to bigger print runs and The Pokemon Company acquiring the rights to print the game, many players may still worry about when and how to get new expansions when they release – especially when the new expansions contain popular Pokemon as featured cards.

When the Pokemon TCG Lost Origin expansion releases

The Lost Origin expansion set will release on September 9, 2022.

The set will be available in a number of formats, including booster boxes, Elite Trainer boxes, and booster bundles. The booster packs will also likely appear in collector’s boxes, tins, and other Pokemon TCG merchandise after the expansion releases.

What will be in the Lost Origin Expansion?

The Pokemon TCG Lost Origin expansion will include over 190 different cards.

According to the Pokemon official website, there will be several additions outlined in the list below.

  • over 190 new cards
  • 3 new Radiant cards
  • 6 new VSTAR cards
  • 14 V cards and 1 VMAX card
  • 30 Trainer Gallery cards
  • 15 general Trainer cards

All of the above will be available in the boosters for Lost Origin. Currently, the complete card list hasn’t been announced, but it will include cards for Giratina VSTAR, Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR, and a Trainer Gallery edition of Charizard with Galar Champion Leon among many other exciting Pokemon TCG additions.

How to purchase the Pokemon TCG Lost Origin expansion

Players can purchase the Lost Origin expansion at local retail and card stores. Those hoping to purchase a booster box of the expansion will likely want to reach out to local card and gaming shops ahead of time to see if pre-orders or early purchases are required.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Center official store stock has already sold out, so those who weren’t able to preorder online will need to wait until release day to go scouring stores for packs of the exciting Pokemon TCG expansion.

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