Pokemon TCG Live just got delayed

pokemon tcg live logoThe Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company has announced their replacement for the existing TCG Online game has been delayed to provide trainers with a more polished experience. 

When retail packaging for the November TCG expansion ‘Fusion Strike’ was leaked, players all over the world noticed a slight change on the back of the blister packs. Retail packs normally show a disclaimer about how to redeem in-pack code cards on Pokémon TCG Online, but it had been changed to ‘TCG Live.’

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A month after it was leaked, the company officially revealed details of the new app including release date, platform availability, and more.

Players were excited to hear that the new game was being built in-house and included a variety of changes including a new mobile-focused option to play the game that was set to release Fall 2021. However, The Pokémon Company has announced the game has been delayed until 2022.

Pokémon TCG Live delayed & Reactions

On November 4, the official Pokémon TCG Twitter page released a statement regarding the mobile soft launch and global beta that was set to release this year.

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The tweet stated: “To provide Trainers with a more polished experience, the Pokémon TCG Live mobile soft launch in Canada, and global open beta for desktop, have been shifted to 2022.”

TCG-focused content creator ‘CeliosNetwork’ posted on Twitter in support of the delay, stating: “You’re allowed to be mad the game is delayed, we’re all looking forward to it! But, understand that it’s probably positive for your future enjoyment of it :)”

Five-time World championship competitor Rahul ‘TheFleeee’ Reddy also supports the delay, going as far as claiming that he believes TCG Live will be the “turning point” the game needs to shine.

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Pokémon TCG Live code cards

With the sudden delay announcement, players around the world are worried about being able to use the code cards included with their Fusion Strike booster packs. With the set release date rapidly approaching, the company made sure to address it.

The official TCG Twitter added: “Some of you may have recently received code cards with Pokémon TCG Live branding as part of some Pokémon TCG products. Though Pokémon TCG Live is not available at this time, please know these cards are still redeemable in Pokémon TCG Online.”

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Luckily for fans and players alike, TPCi made sure the codes would work on the existing game before release. However, keep in mind that once the game does release only four copies of each unique card will transfer over as of right now.

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