Classic Pokemon Go Halloween Pokestop outfit goes viral on TikTok

Lawrence Scotti
pokemon go outfit

A TikTok has gone viral resurfacing one of the best – an actual PokeStop from Pokemon Go, with real Pokeballs to boot.

Pokemon has been a popular franchise to honor on Halloween since the series launched back in 1996. Fans and kids around the globe have made costumes of series star Ash Ketchum, and iconic Pokemon like Charizard and Pikachu.

That led to one classic Pokemon Go costume at the height of the game’s popularity, and TikTok has served up a timely reminder of its ingenuity as the game keeps on rolling.

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Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular mobile games since its release.

Pokemon Go TikTok goes viral… again

TikTok user imsethwills posted a video of the iconic Halloween outfit where the wearer actually becomes a Pokemon Go stop. In the outfit, the creator is holding a hand-made PokeStop, which requires another person to spin. The ‘stop’ then shoots out Poke Balls, just like it would when playing the mobile game.

Once you get the Poke Balls from the stop, you can toss them at the outfit, which is made to replicate a Pokemon encounter with a stuffed animal Pikachu. A Pokeball then overtakes Pikachu and he shakes it around, ending in a successful catch.

This outfit was originally created back in 2016, but each year fans bring back their favorite Pokemon Halloween outfit.

The impressive Halloween costume replicates every step of catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go, all the way down to how many stars the quality of the catch has earned trainers, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see it resurface for Halloween.

The TikTok of the outfit has gone viral, notching over 2.4 million views just days since it was posted. We wonder if we’ll ever see anyone attempt to replicate a gym battle instead?

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