YouTuber buys $100 Pokemon card lot from yard sale and it’s worth thousands

Laura Gray
Pokemon YouTuber finds TCG cards at garage sale

A Pokemon TCG collector scores big after spending $100 on a lot of loose cards. The container reveals a mixture of newer and older cards, including highly sought-after vintage holos from the earliest sets of the game.

The Pokemon TCG has become well known on YouTube and Twitch for the value of certain cards. Whether it’s newer pack openings filled with full art rares, or rare vintage cards from the 1990s sets, collectors are always on the lookout for an amazing find.

While it isn’t to common for Pokemon Cards to end up in bins during yard sales anymore thanks to the hype the Pokemon TCG has seen in recent years, it is still possible for large lots of cards to end up going on sale for cheap. These types of purchases can be a true treasure trove for collectors.

This is exactly what happened to a YouTuber who purchased a Pokemon TCG card lot online, saving the bin from being sold at a garage sale.

Pokemon TCG YouTuber pulls two vintage Charizards

In a recent YouTube video uploaded by Pokemon collector Kreesky, fans have a chance to see a find in action.

The YouTuber explains that they purchased a lot of cards from the Facebook Marketplace for 100 dollars. After picking up the lot, they sit down to sift through the cards and immediately realizes they have stumbled on a rare find.

Upon initially scoping the cards, the YouTuber notices several unopened booster packs from older Pokemon TCG sets.

Attached to one of the loose boosters, Kreesky tugs out a vintage Charizard. While not a base set card, the rare find is in excellent condition, and still among some of the oldest and most valuable cards sporting the popular mascot.

Going through the remaining cards, the YouTuber finds an assortment of prints from the past three decades. However, the true treasures are hidden at the very bottom of the bin.

To finish off the video, Kreesky holds up a several cards in sleeves. Going through them, he reveals several Legendary Promo cards from the oldest Pokemon TCG sets, a base set Blastoise, and a base set Charizard.

While the YouTuber was using eBay listings to price the finds, which isn’t the most reliable value guide, it is evident the double-Charizard find made the original cost of the lot worth it. In total, all the vintage cards together could sell for several thousand dollars, marking a tidy profit for the collector.

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