YouTuber giving out Pokemon TCG cards at Worlds devastated as fan pulls rare Gengar

Laura Gray
Pokemon Alternate Art Secret Rare Gengar VMAX Card Pulled In Front Of TCG YouTuber

A rare Pokemon TCG card pull is often what many collectors and players are searching for. While it can be fun to watch others go through card packs online, it is quite another to give out a pack and watch the prize card come up in the hands of another player.

The Pokemon TCG has risen to new acclaim in recent years, with the Sword & Shield expansions doing exceptionally well among both card collectors and TCG players. New card types, beautiful illustrations, and excellent gameplay mechanics have led to the creation of some particularly spectacular card designs.

Of these, some of the most popular have been the specialty, ultra-rare illustrative full art cards. Unlike standard cards, these rare pulls feature artwork that covers the entire surface, sealed with a holographic coating.

Of these full arts, the Secret Rare alternate art Pokemon cards are by far the most sought after by players. Instead of just a full design of the Pokemon, these cards feature characters, or full scenes, making each card a perfect work of art.

Pokemon card pulls can be a heart-wrenching expirience

At the 2022 Pokemon World Championships in London, Pokemon TCG fans from all around the world gathered to share their love of the franchise. In a YouTube video uploaded by Mattculli POKEMON, the Youtuber filmed around the event, offering other attendees the chance to open a free booster pack on camera.

At the 5:30 mark in the video, Mattculli offers a Fusion Strikes booster pack to a Pokemon TCG fan, which she opens, exposing one of the most valuable cards in the set. The Secret Rare alternate art Gengar VMAX card catches the sun as Mattculli lets out an anguished cry from behind the camera.

The attendee politely attempts to give him the card, but the YouTuber rightfully tells her to keep it.

Currently, the Secret Rare Gengar VMAX card is listed on TCGPlayer for a startling 93 dollars. It is second only to the Secret Rare Espeon VMAX of the same set.

While the value of recent Pokemon TCG pulls has come down considerably thanks to the easing shortage of cards throughout 2022, the chance to find one of these stunning cards is one of the most exciting parts of opening a booster pack. Whether a Pokemon TCG player, or a card collector, adding one of the beautiful full arts to a binder can be the highlight of the day.