Pokemon TCG player learns coworker’s collection may be worth thousands

Brianna Reeves
pokemon tcg collection

One Pokemon TCG player’s coworker asked for help with their collection, which, unbeknownst to them, could be worth thousands.

It’s not uncommon for Pokemon TCG players to stumble across a surprise gold mine every once in a while. For example, one card collector discovered an incredibly valuable blister pack at their grandmother’s house earlier this year.

Now another Pokemon TCG veteran has found themselves entrusted with a collection that could be worth a small fortune. Reddit user E10Hoffman recently asked for help on the Pokemon subreddit, as their coworker wanted them to sleeve and binder a collection of cards.

The poster was stunned to open the “completely full” boxes, each one stuffed with 30 booster packs. Given the few photos and minimal information provided, one user in the comments noted that, since Base Sets go for about $340 a pack with Base Set 2 valued at over $200, the OP’s coworker could be sitting on $16,000 worth of unopened Pokemon cards.

A quick search on eBay shows that a Base Set 2 Raichu Booster Pack – as pictured in the first photo – is currently going for $200 if factory-sealed. Understandably, many in the comments have advised the original poster to avoid opening anything in their colleague’s Pokemon TCG Collection.

Considering each box’s presumed value, users in the thread can’t help but wonder why the colleague wants to have the packages opened by someone else. Not everyone’s aware of the inherent value of Pokemon cards, of course.

However, some in the subreddit have expressed skepticism about the authenticity of the packs, while others remain convinced they’re the real deal.

Should the collection prove to be authentic, the OP’s coworker could become thousands of dollars richer if they decide to start selling off packs.

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