Pokemon TCG fan hits a “50k” jackpot with storage unit haul

Nathan Ellingsworth
Three base set Pokemon Booster Packs are shown against a blurred background

A Pokemon TCG fan has found a huge haul of classic Pokemon cards from the original releases after looking through their Uncle’s storage unit, wowing fans with the value of their find.

So many Pokemon fans hope for great pulls when buying modern products, but when it comes to classic releases like the base set Booster Packs, the prices are now so wild that it’s difficult to even buy the packs in the first place, let alone the rare cards.

A Reddit user by the name of illilballa shared a post, titled, “Found these in my uncle’s storage unit.” Included in the post is a picture of their finds, a seriously impressive haul including some sealed boxes featuring original cards, as well as several booster packs from 90s releases.

Other Pokemon fans are flooding the comments, mainly to congratulate the person behind the post, with a lot of people also exclaiming the apparent worth of the find. One comment says, “That’s upward of 50k” before a reply adds, “I’d honestly give you one of my nuts for just the team rockets, as long as it’s done by a medical professional.”

A major concern for a lot of comments is the safety of these cards, as one person says, “Pack that up in bubble wrap, put it in plastic cases, stick it in a safe and forget you have it. That’s your retirement someday.”

However, while some comments think the best action is to save these cards and sell them in the future, a few actually think it’s best to sell while the market is hot. A comment explains as such, saying, “sell now when the prices are sky high. Make money while whatnot is still going to capitalize. Could completely collapse or could go up some, but 50k now is better than 58k in 10 years.”

Whatever the person does with these cards, they’re likely in for some money. So hopefully they grade some of their cards to protect them in the future.

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