Pokemon Sword Shield Expansion Pass best prices for US & UK

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Trainers will be purchasing the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass in their droves during the next few days but where can you get it cheapest?

After months of wait, the first of the two announced DLCs – The Isle of Armor – will be available on Wednesday, June 17. Trainers who want to take on the new adventure will need to purchase the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

This will not only grant you access to The Isle of Armor but the second DLC – The Crown Tundra – when it is released in the Fall. So, it’s worth remembering purchasing the Expansion Pass isn’t for just one new ‘add-on’.

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How much is the Expansion Pass?

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass can be bought right now from the official Nintendo store for $29.99. It works a little more expensive in the UK at £26.99.

Nintendo is currently offering UK players a promotion for anyone who does buy it directly from their store. A mug with the three Galar region starter Pokemon or a soft toy of each of Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble will be 50% off when purchased together. The mug costs £9.99, while the soft toys are £14.99 each.

However, it can be found much cheaper elsewhere but only in the UK. The cheapest is from online retailer ShopTo at £19.85.

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Meanwhile, it can also be found, albeit a little more expensive, for £21.49 from CDKeys. Americans could also buy these codes but would need a European Nintendo Switch account for them to work.

Pokemon Sword Shield Expansion Pass ShopToShopTo
ShopTo are offering the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass for just £19.85!

It is shaping up to a big week in the world of Pokemon with players being essentially given a new game. Of course, there has been criticism from some quarters given it looks like it’s increasingly likely the Expansion Pass will come instead of a brand new game.

Mostly though, trainers seem happy with what many see as the equivalent of a new game at a much cheaper price.

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