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New Legendary Shiny forms designed ahead of Pokemon Isle of Armor DLC

Published: 6/Jun/2020 14:45 Updated: 6/Jun/2020 19:11

by Paul Cot


It hasn’t even been a few days since the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion trailer was revealed, and still there is speculation as to what some of the new Shiny forms could look like.

Among the new Legendary Pokemon coming to the DLCs are Galarian forms of the Kanto birds and two new Regi Pokemon. All of these will be part of The Crown Tundra expansion. We have only seen footage of them from the trailers and artwork featured on the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website. Despite being several months away from release, one trainer has already designed Shiny forms for each of them.


With so many months until we see these species, The Pokemon Company have yet to release any official details about their Shiny forms. The ones highlighted below are simply designed by a fan (Bostar122).

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Shiny Galarian Articuno Zapdos MoltresAre these Shiny designs for Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres worthy of being the real thing?


Let’s start with the iconic Kanto legends. Rather than the ice blue color that the original Articuno is, the Galarian variant is a purple color.

This fits in nicely with its new psychic typing. Its designed Shiny form gives it a bit of a Moltres look though – and we think it works quite well.

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While Articuno is doing its best impression of Moltres, it looks like Zapdos’ Shiny is going for an Articuno look. It’s an interesting choice of color for a fighting-type.


Shinies are often better when they’re significantly different to their original. It certainly works in this instance, but can be a little too extreme in some cases.


Meanwhile Moltres looks fantastic. Interestingly, it looks more like a fire-type again despite it now being dark.

Shiny Moltres doesn’t live up to the intimidating looks of its original counterpart but this always going to be a hard task and still looks frightening.

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Shiny Regieleki Regidrago
Bostar122/Pokemon Company
Finally two more Regi-Pokemon are coming to the franchise. Here’s what their Shiny forms could look like…


After nearly 20 years since the original Regi-trio were introduced to the world of Pokemon, we are finally getting another two. The first of those is Regieleki which, as its name suggests, is an electric-type.


Its normal color is a pale yellow which is what you’d expect. Its Shiny form though, despite being wildly different, actually maintains its electric look too. It also looks like a more powerful version and that’s not a bad thing for a Shiny.


Regidrago is arguably the best designed Regi-Pokemon to date. As official images have shown, the dragon-type legend can curl up into what looks like a scary Charizard head. The Pokemon Company really can’t get enough of Charizard, can they!

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The Shiny of this definitely looks friendlier, although that isn’t saying much. Perhaps more of an orange theme here would have worked better but regardless it’s another great design.