Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans not happy with US pre-order bonus after seeing Japan’s

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet Violet US Pre Order Bonus Is Less Than Japan

Pre-order bonuses for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been announced all around the world, and it seems like US players will be snubbed again – especially compared to the Japanese bonuses.

Pre-ordering games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can come with several perks. Fans who purchase early physical copies of an anticipated title ensure they will have one on launch day, while snagging a digital download ahead of time can potentially open up early downloads, leaving the game ready to play immediately after it becomes available.

However, one of the most sought-after reasons for pre-ordering a game is pre-order bonuses. Depending on the edition, players may get plushes, figurines, posters, artbooks, or any number of extra items alongside the game itself – unless you live in the United States.

Unfortunately, US Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are already feeling the pre-order burn. It isn’t uncommon for stores in other countries to offer better bonuses, but this time around, the difference in perks is almost comically large.

What is the US Pokemon Scarlet & Violet pre-order bonus?

Players who pre-order Pokemon Scarlet & Violet early in the US will get a digital code for an in-game sports backpack.

Alongside this, there will also be an Adventure Set and a Flying Tera Type Pikachu. The Adventure Set contains a handful of items obtained through a serial code for digital copies of the game, while the Pikachu will be available via Mystery Gift.

Pokemon fans have come out on social media, vocalizing their frustration at the lacking bonuses. Rawwsushiii on Twitter has commented on the Pokemon account’s post, stating “Why are the USA preorder “bonus” so bad the last few games? We’ve been getting absolutely nothing compared to EU and especially Japan. I’d love to get more than just a digital reward :(“.

BerzerkHobo007 also responded, offering a generic breakdown of pre-order bonuses in other countries compared to the US, adding “Yall hate reshippers, but make it really tempting to use them.”

The Japanese pre-orders are particularly diverse, with Japanese major retail stores offering a wide assortment of items alongside the same codes being distributed in the US. Players will even obtain a special Pikachu Pokemon TCG card featuring the Scarlet & Violet starters.

While it is possible further Pokemon Scarlet & Violet pre-order bonuses could be announced in the US before the game’s release date on November 18, 2022, the chances they will compete with what has been been offered in other parts of the world isn’t likely.

Hopefully, future Pokemon games will give US players the same awesome pre-order options offered in places like Japan, making the early purchase more worth the investment.