Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player discovers new “Rotom form” in Paldea

rotom sidewalk

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s wacky glitches can lead to some bizarre encounters, including this player who discovered a “new Rotom form” while exploring Paldea.

Since launch, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been riddled with bugs. Character models morphed, rideable Pokemon turned invisible, and players frequently clipped through the map. And in the worst cases, the games would crash.

However, these glitches weren’t all bad – some were even humorous. One player encountered “Paldean Sinistea,” and another found a way to duplicate Master Balls.

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Now, another trainer has found a “new Pokemon” that can’t be found in the Pokedex, thanks to a glitch. Introducing the “new Rotom form.”

Rotom Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

Player discovers Rotom “sidewalk” form

Reddit user ZumueDeleted shared their glitched encounter to the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit. After climbing a wall on Miraidon, they hopped over a guardrail and landed on the sidewalk in Levincia. But after rolling forward a few feet, they encountered an invisible Pokemon.

Their Miraidon jumped back as if to initiate a battle, but the Pokemon’s model never appeared. Instead, its nameplate showed that the Pokemon was a level 22 Rotom, and OP shared their own satirical theory.

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“I think I found Rotom’s new ‘sidewalk’ form,” Zumue captioned the post. The encounter becomes even more dumbfounding once you consider that wild Pokemon are supposed to despawn when the player enters a city.

The comments join in on the joke, with one guessing its typing would be Electric/Rock. While another stated it was better than Rotom’s “sewage form.”

Sadly, OP revealed that they did not catch the Rotom, leaving players to wonder what the Rotom would have looked like had it been captured. It was almost certainly a normal form Rotom… but now we’ll never know for sure.

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