Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players discover game-breaking Master Ball dupe glitch

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have discovered a game-breaking glitch that duplicates Master Balls. Unfortunately, the glitch only works when players experience a crash in their game.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have presented a wide range of glitches and bugs since the games were released in November of 2022. From players battling Pokemon stuck inside walls to issues in Tera Raid battles, fans have had to keep an eye out for potentially game-breaking issues.

While some of these glitches can be useful, like the now-patched duplication glitch, others can be unstable and even risk losing player progress if the game crashes or has to be forcibly reset. Because of this, trying to use glitches found online can be dangerous and potentially risk player progress.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans online have recently found such a glitch that, while providing duplicated Master Balls, requires the game to fully crash in order to work.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players duplicate Master Balls

In a Reddit post by MagistraCimorene on the r/PokemonScarletViolet thread, the player reaches out to see if others have experienced a recently discovered duplication glitch. The post reads, “How? Why? 2 Master Balls! I Lost 4 hours of gameplay trying to get a Greninja Ready Clodsire and breeding them. Restarted today to this.”

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player reports that following the catch of a Seven-Star event Greninja and then breeding Froakie, their game crashed. After rebooting and processing four hours of lost gameplay, they opened their item bag to realize there was now an additional Master Ball in the Pokeball inventory.

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Other fans in the comments share similar experiences, with one stating, “I had about 6 MB from random trades and stuff. I went to breed Froakie the other day, and that dumb bug where you can’t hatch more than 10 eggs without the game crashing started for me. Noticed I had 18 master balls after” and another adding, “On a completely unrelated note- do you know how to replicate this.”

Unfortunately, the glitch is not easy to replicate, as it is contingent on a crash during egg hatching. Players attempting to recreate the glitch will want to save often to prevent the odds of losing large amounts of gameplay.

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Glitches like this may likely be addressed in the upcoming 1.2 patch planned for late February 2023.