Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player one-shots Rillaboom with a Magikarp

Cassidy Stephenson
Rillaboom Pokemon

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has once again used their Magikarp to complete another Tera Raid. This time, the fish one-shotted a Rillaboom.

The Generation 9 games have now completed the Galarian Starter Tera Raids following the addition of Rillaboom. For those interested, the second round of the 7-star Rillaboom Tera Raid takes place from 5PM PT on August 4 through 4:59PM PT on August 6.

Instead of its usual Grass typing, Rillaboom will adopt a Normal Tera-type in Scarlet & Violet. Additionally, the Pokemon will have the hidden ability Grassy Surge.

While you can check out our article for the best way to defeat Rillaboom, one player had an interesting strategy for the battle. Keep reading to learn how a Magikarp managed to take down the powerful Pokemon in one move.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Rillaboom Tera Raid quickly ends

shiny magikarp

Reddit user ‘Nommable123’ flaunted their Shiny Magikarp taking down Rillaboom on the Scarlet & Violet subreddit. The OP previously used the Magikarp in Tera Raids such as Chesnaught, Typhlosion, and Samurott.

Nommable123 listed the comprehensive strategy in the post’s comment section. Besides Magikarp, their party featured Medicham, Gallade, and Perrserker. The method included Gallade using Charm three times and Perrserker lowering Rillaboom’s Defense with Screech the same amount.

Then, Gallade used Misty Terrain to prevent Magikarp’s confusion after Perrserker raised its Attack with Swagger. A couple of moves and a Helping Hand later, Magikarp demolished Rillaboom with Flail.

“Any time there is a raid event, I come here to look for the golden fish slap KO. Well done as usual,” one player wrote.

“Magikarp has become aware that it’s an objectively better Pokémon and decided that from now on it will only OHKO,” another trainer remarked.

While the next Tera Raid hasn’t been announced, stay updated with our Pokemon page to see if Magikarp does it again.

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