Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Blissey Tera Raid event guide: dates, counters, and rewards

blissey tera raid guide

Blissey is taking over 5-star Tera Raids this weekend in conjunction with Decidueye, and here is everything players need to know about the Happiness Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

Five and 6-star Tera Raids are the most challenging battles for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers outside of special events. They also offer a variety of rewards that can be used to level up, hyper train, and Shiny hunt Pokemon.

Players target different Pokemon to earn specific rewards, and one of the most popular Tera Raids is Blissey. This is mainly due to Blissey having a much higher chance to drop Herba Mystica than other raid bosses, but also because it is the easiest to take down.

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During the second wave of Typhlosion Tera Raids. Blissey will be featured heavily in 5-star Tera Raids. Here is everything players need to know for this upcoming raid weekend.

Blissey Pokemon defenderThe Pokemon Company

Blissey will be featured in 5-star Tera Raids from April 21 to April 23, in conjunction with the second wave of Typhlosion raids.

Blissey Tera Raid moveset & Tera type

Blissey will have a different moveset than it currently has in Tera Raids. However, unlike Decidueye, Blissey can appear as a random Tera Type but will still have the white swirl effect around its icon on the map.

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Players should notice several white swirl raid dens when they open their maps. These are all Blissey Tera Raids.

Here is Blissey’s moveset, level, and build in 5-star Tera Raids:

PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityTera Type
75-Heal Pulse -Last Resort -Soft Boiled-Seismic Toss Natural Cure, Serene Grace, or HealerRandom

How to counter Blissey Tera Raids

Ignore everything you’ve learned about type matchups for this raid event. Instead, all you need to defeat Blissey is a level 100 fully trained Iron Hands.

If you’ve been raiding for a while, you likely already have a Raid ready Iron Hands. But if not, you need to build one exactly as shown below and follow these simple steps.

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Start the battle by using Belly Drum. Then spam Close Combat and Drain Punch until Blissey faints. In most cases, players can beat Blissey in two or three turns. But with this Iron Hands, players can easily solo every Blissey Tera Raid during the event.

NameLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNatureEVs & IVs
Iron Hands100-Belly Drum -Close Combat -Drain Punch -Wild ChargeQuark DriveBlack BeltAdamant or BraveHP & Attack

Blissey Tera Raid rewards

If this raid event follows the trend as featured raids in the past, featured Blissey raids won’t drop Herba Mystica.

However, the battles are still well-worth the minimal effort to take on as they reward players with a huge number of Tera Shards and Exp Candy. They won’t drop any other items from their normal loot pool, so expect to get a ton of the following:

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  • Exp Candy L
  • Exp Candy XL
  • Tera Shards (Random & Based on Raid Tera Type)
  • Rare Candy

That’s everything you need to know about taking down Blissey in Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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