Rillaboom Tera Raid locked in as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s next big challenge

Ethan Dean
Rillaboom Tera Raid

Following the end of the recent Delphox the Unrivaled raid event, the next seven-star Tera Raid has been confirmed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Rillaboom is coming to pound drums and unsuspecting trainers.

The final Starter Pokemon of the Galarian trio is coming to Scarlet and Violet in a newly announced seven-star Tera Raid. Cinderace and Intellion made their appearances earlier in the year and this is an opportunity for fans to nab the set.

The Pokemon Company has been open-handed with these post-game raids keeping players invested after the game’s launch. The challenging events push trainers to their limits and require a carefully trained and optimized mon to stand a chance in the fray.

Like other recent seven-star Tera Raids, Rillaboom will bestow the Mightiest Mark and only one will be available to catch per account.

7 Star Tera Raid Rillaboom Battle: Start date

Players can expect to face off against Rillaboom the unrivaled from 5PM PT on July 27 through 4:59PM PT on July 29.

7 Star Tera Raid Rillaboom Battle: Attacks & abilities

This is the first event raid to feature a Normal Tera-type Pokemon but Rillaboom will also be equipped with its hidden ability Grassy Surge. This means trainers challenging the mon will have to contend with boosted Normal-type and Grass-type attacks.

Grassy Surge converts the field to Grassy Terrain meaning a boost to Rillaboom’s signature move Drum Beating. The percussive primate is a particularly gifted physical attacker so make sure to train those Defense EVs.

Players can definitely expect a challenge from Rillaboom the Unrivaled but given the rise of OHKO strategies in the recent Delphox raid, don’t be surprised if similar tactics emerge here.
Considering the Normal Tera typing, it’s a safe bet to assume that the Iron Hands meta will make a return. Generation Nine’s new Primape evolution Annihilape will be another strong contender in the raid.

iron hands pokedex
Paradox Pokemon Iron Hands has been used to solo five and six-star Tera raids

Players who miss the mark during the first run of the raid can make up for it during a repeat event scheduled a week after the first ends. According to trusted source, this event will run from August 4 to August 6 with the same start times.

All you Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans should be on the lookout for a Rillaboom raid strategy guide from one of Dexerto’s Pokemon experts.