Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Ghost-type Gimmighoul revealed following Pokémon Go teasers

pokemon scarlet & violet gimmighoul headerThe Pokemon Company

Following various teasers and leaks found in Pokemon Go, Pokemon has fully unveiled Scarlet & Violet’s new Ghost-type Gimmighoul.

Pokemon Go players have been wondering what the new golden Pokestops are for following the conclusion of the Dratini Community Day Classic event.

Leakers and dataminers were able to find newly uploaded assets in the game that featured mysterious coins and a small, gray and gold Pokemon model that trainers had never seen before.

Now, The Pokemon Company has finally revealed this tiny Pokemon as Gimmighoul — a brand new Ghost-type Pokemon coming to both Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet reveals Gimmighoul

The reveal came from Pokemon’s official Scarlet & Violet website, where two YouTube videos were uploaded that featured a bit of lore surrounding Gimmighoul and footage of it in battle.

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As for Gimmighoul itself, it’s a tiny Ghost-type Pokemon with two different forms: Chest Form and Roaming Form.

In Chest Form, Gimmighoul stands at 1 foot tall and weighs 11 pounds. Additionally, it has the ability Rattled, which raises its speed stat when hit with Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves.

Unfortunately, it seems trainers will have to wait a bit longer to see what Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form is all about, as the website has its information hidden for now. In gameplay, we know that trainers can only discover Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form out in the wild.

According to Scarlet & Violet’s website, Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form can be found hiding all over Paldea, but it runs away from trainers, and “not a single Trainer in Paldea has ever managed to catch one.”

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The video in which Paldea’s Mr. Jacq and Pokemon Go’s Professor Willow talk to each other about Gimmighoul gave a bit more info about the new Ghost-type’s two different forms.

According to them, Gimmighoul’s chest form cannot move and manipulates trainers into gathering coins and bringing them back to it. However, Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form doesn’t seem to manipulate people.

For now, trainers will just have to wait and see what Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form has in store when Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launch on November 18, 2022.