Pokemon Scarlet & Violet remake surfaces with iconic Gen 2 graphics

Cassidy Stephenson
Pokemon Scarlet/Violet logo with Arcanine sprite

A team of Pokemon fans collaborated to remake Scarlet & Violet using Gen 2 graphics, composing an updated music track while utilizing Gold & Silver’s nostalgic beats.

Released in 1999, Gold & Silver served as the second generation of Pokemon games in the new region of Johto. Pokemon Crystal later joined the lineup to complete the Generation II trio, which allowed players to travel back to Generation I’s Kanto region.

In 2009, Generation II received the HeartGold & SoulSilver remakes. Since then, The Pokemon Company has unveiled an updated version of Generation I, a Generation III remake, and another Generation IV installment.

Despite the improved graphics, some players keep crawling back to the video game series’ first entries.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet remake evokes nostalgia from Gen II players

meowscarada pokemon scarlet violet

On the Pokemon subreddit, user Taynathon posted a Generation II version of a battle against Scarlet & Violet’s Mela, the boss of Team Star’s Fire Crew. In the fiery match, the player faced Mela’s Armarouge with their Meowscarada.

In addition to the graphics, the programmers gave life to a similar version of Gold & Silver’s soundtrack. However, some comments pointed out how the music had “too many channels” and resembled Megaman more than Pokemon.

Despite the criticism of the music and long pauses, FrozzerX praised the accuracy of the short clip. “Only that AI would use a Grass-type attack against a Meowscarada,” the user wrote.

Others requested a full fan-made ROM of the Scarlet & Violet remake.

Shortly after the release of Scarlet & Violet, many fans slammed the Generation IX games for their array of technical problems. Some players found the glitches downright amusing, but a few severely disrupted their playthroughs.

Many trainers benefitted from Scarlet & Violet’s broken gameplay even if the bugs hindered some. In December 2021, a YouTuber discovered a method to duplicate Shiny encounters. Players had to use the Local or Online Multiplayer feature and turn Auto-Save off. The Pokemon Company has since patched the duplication glitch.