Hilarious Pokemon Scarlet & Violet glitch turns Kingambit into a Beyblade

pokemon scarlet violet kingambit beyblade headerThe Pokemon Company / Hasbro

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player encountered a hilarious glitch that essentially turned their Kingambit into a spinning Beyblade.

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet sold incredibly well, players have been frustrated at the state of the game’s performance and stability.

Though some glitches players encounter can be incredibly frustrating, these issues that some trainers encounter are often just funny encounters that look totally out of place.

This was the case with one player using their Kingambit to battle on the Paldean sea, where they started spinning around continuously like some kind of living Beyblade.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer encounters Kingambit glitch

The thanks to a post by Reddit user mochacap on the PokemonScarletViolet subreddit, who posted a short clip of the glitch in action.

The video shows a trainer swimming in the ocean with Koraidon before getting into a battle with a wild Kilowattrel. The trainer sends out their Kingambit like usual to battle and knockout the opposing Flying-type Pokemon.

However, upon defeat, Kimgambit appeared to spin around in joy at its victory. Strangely enough, Kingambit kept on spinning for the remainder of the clip, slowly drifting off the flotation device that non-Water-type Pokemon stand on when battling on bodies of water.

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Plenty of other trainers also found the glitch quite amusing, leaving comments like “Beyblade! Beyblade! Let it rip!” and “It’s like a Roomba with a knife.”

This spinning Kingambit glitch is just the tip of the iceberg with some of the hysterical glitches players have encountered since the game launched in November of 2022.

Other glitches include trainers sliding down slopes and suddenly falling through the world, riding invisible Koraidon or Miraidon, or having player models perform some…interesting animations.

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While many players have been able to look past the frustrating performance and enjoy their journey through Paldea, it’s certainly understandable that many gamers have opted out of the experience thanks to its lack of polish.