Meowscarada Tera Raid guide: the best Grass-starter build in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

meowscarada pokemon scarlet violet

Many players will continue to use their starter Pokemon long after the credits roll, and here is how you can turn the Grass-type Meowscarada into a viable Tera Raid option.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced three more starter lines following the tradition of each being a Grass-, Water-, and Fire type. And while these are strong during the main game, players will need to build them correctly to be viable in the post-game.

More specifically, Five-, Six-, and Seven-star Tera Raids require much more effort than Four-star Raids and below. Players will have to be more conscious about type matchups, movesets, and stats. And while there are many better options out there, starter Pokemon can still be great in Tera Raids.

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This guide will focus specifically on the Grass-type starter Mewoscarada – the weakest of the three in terms of raids – and exploit its Protean ability to adapt to any Tera Raid.

Best Meowscarada Tera Raid build

This build rides on Meowscarada’s Protean Hidden Ability, as it allows the user to change its typing once per battle. Three moves are non-negotiable for this build, but the fourth move* can be reserved for any damage-dealing move of the type that is resistant to the Tera Raid boss’s attacks. For instance, players can start the battle with Thunder Punch to change Meowscarada to an Electric-type.

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Players can then use Hone Claws three times to raise their Attack stat sharply. Follow this up with Grassy Terrain to boost Grass-type attacks and then spam Flower Trick until you either need to re-boost stats or re-apply Grassy Terrain.

Flower Trick is a great move to use, as it always lands a Critical Hit. Combining this with Grassy Terrain and Hone Claws makes for a devastating blow. If the boss is a Water, Ground, or Rock Tera Type, then Meowscarada is a pretty solid pick.

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PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
100-Flower Trick
-Hone Claws
-Grassy Terrain
Protean Move*
Shell BellProteanAdamantH{ & Attack

Best Meowscarada Moveset

  • Flower Trick – learned via evolving
  • Hone Claws – learned at level 10
  • Grassy Terrain – learned at level 58
  • Player Decides

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