Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shiny duplication method discovered for multiplayer

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A YouTuber has discovered a method to duplicate Shiny Pokemon while playing multiplayer so both trainers can capture their rare encounter.

After reaching a Pokemon game’s post-game content, many players take up Shiny hunting as a way to continue on with the thrill of finding rare Pokemon.

Naturally, Shiny Pokemon encounters return in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with even more ways to lessen the rarity of finding these different colored Pokemon in the wild.

Now, a YouTuber has discovered a way for players to duplicate Shiny encounters while playing multiplayer so each trainer has a chance to catch their rare Pokemon instead of it disappearing after one trainer catches it.

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YouTuber details Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shiny duplication method

Pokemon YouTuber PhillyBeatzU released a detailed video on November 30, 2022, that goes over the steps that players (playing on version 1.1.0) can follow to share Shiny encounters online.

First of all, he stressed that this method can only be done while playing Online or Local Multiplayer and that players must turn the Auto-Save feature off. Additionally, trainers can only duplicate one Pokemon between two trainers.

Aside from that, this method can be done regardless of story progress as long as trainers have access to the game’s online features.

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The process itself revolved around the online host using whatever means available to increase Shiny encounter odds. For example, owning the Shiny Charm and using a Meal Power that boosts Shiny encounter rates.

Basically, the host wanders the Paldea region looking for a Shiny Pokemon as normal. Upon finding one, the host player must save the game, and the other player must approach the Shiny Pokemon and engage it in battle.

Once the other player has started the battle, the host should close the game completely. Upon rebooting the game, the host will once again see the Shiny Pokemon, as they are now in a single-player session.

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This method can also be reproduced with version-exclusive Pokemon, but Pokemon spawns depend on the host. For example, if the host player owns Violet, they will need to be near the player with the opposite version to have exclusive Pokemon spawn around them.

With this method, players who find Shiny Pokemon while playing with friends won’t have to feel back about catching a Shiny in another player’s session.