Eagle-eyed Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan finds Lavender Town easter egg in trailer

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer Lavender Town Easter Egg

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet dropped a new trailer during the 2022 World Championship closing ceremonies, with a knowledgeable fan pointing out a clever and spooky easter egg hidden from the footage.

The Pokemon game series has always had a knack for tucking well-placed easter eggs in new games. Whether it’s hidden characters based on developers, funny bits of dialogue referencing past titles, or imagery that follows through each new generation, the little accents add depth and detail to each new adventure.

While most Pokemon fans are looking forward to the upcoming release of the Generation 9 games Scarlet & Violet, there has been concern the new directions and gameplay changes could distance the new titles from previous games in the series.

However, trailers for Scarlet & Violet indicate that while the open-world gameplay and branching story arcs will be different, many elements of the new titles will pay homage to their well-loved roots.

A Pokemon fan spots a spooky and iconic Kanto reference

In a recent trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, new footage detailing competitive play showcased move sets, abilities, and Tera Types. This included a look at a Tyranitar with a Ghost Tera Type, with the Pokemon bathed in glittering light at it dominates the arena.

However, one observant Pokemon fan noticed something interesting about the Tyranitar’s Tera Type crown. MonkeyDLenny shared the finding on Twitter, stating “I’m still not a fan of the oversized hats on Terastalized Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet But credit where it’s due, the ghost-type one being the Lavender Town ghost is a really slick callback”.

The easter egg is a reference to an arc in Kanto-based games in which players assist in discovering information about a ghost haunting the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. The Ghost Tera Type is the exact recreation of the haunt before players discover its true identity using the Silph Scope.

This delightful little detail not only offers long-time fans of the Pokemon series a spooky bit of nostalgia, but also indicates the developers are intent of ensuring the history of the franchise comes forward in unique ways.

Hopefully, other little details make their way into Scarlet & Violet before release, giving fans plenty to look out for as they explore the new region.