Everything we know about Cyclizar in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Legendary pre-evolution

pokemon scarlet violet cyclizar

Cyclizar, the Mount Pokemon, is fairly common among Paldean households as the Pokemon doesn’t mind being ridden making travel more efficient. Here’s everything we know about Cyclizar in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

First revealed during the closing ceremonies for the Pokemon World Championship 2022, Cyclizar is a Dragon and Normal type Pokemon fit for travel.

While the rideable box Legendaries are seemingly rare Pokemon, this one is quite the opposite. It’s a very common sight to see people riding across Paldea on the backs of these Pokemon as they’ve lived among trainers in their households since ancient times.

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Riding one is an efficient mode of travel as they are able to sprint at over 70 mph while carrying a trainer. Its aerodynamic design, helmet-like head, and thick tail help with both mobility and combat.

cyclizar pokemon pokedex entry

Type of Pokemon

Cyclizar is a Dragon-type and Normal-type Pokemon that evolves into one of two different Legendaries each with their own unique typing.

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How to evolve Cyclizar

Cyclizar is similar to Sun & Moon’s Cosmog as it is a pre-evolution to the game’s Legendary mascots. We don’t know exactly how it evolves just yet – whether by leveling, friendship, a special item, or a story event – but we will update this story as more information is provided.

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Players who own Pokemon Scarlet can evolve Cyclizar into a Koraidon, and players who own Pokemon Violet can evolve it into a Miraidon.

How to get Cyclizar in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Cyclizar are fairly common in the Paldea region, but we don’t quite know how you’ll go about obtaining one.

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