Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans think they’ve found DLC location on Paldea region map

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet Violet Paldea Map DLC Speculation

Pokemon Violet & Scarlet will have a large, open-world map with plenty of new areas to explore when the games release, but some fans are already speculating possible DLC thanks to some odd clouds obscuring landmarks.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are slowly releasing more information about the upcoming Paldea region and its new species. Players were given a glimpse of the Poison/Normal-type Grafaiai last week and recent gameplay footage of the competitive gameplay that will be a part of the full release.

The full map for the Paldea region has also been revealed, with many intimidated and excited about the sheer size of the new location. The gameplay for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been confirmed as open-world, allowing players to explore at their own pace for the first time in series history.

However, a distortion of the landscape in the upper right-hand corner of the map has started speculation about potential DLC. While the game won’t release until November 18, the cloud-covered landscape does indicate the map could be even bigger than players have already seen.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC could improve Paldea’s map

It’s possible that DLC and map expansions could be a part of the Generation 9 games. DLC was first introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and the expansions added two large locations that functioned similarly to the base game Wild Area.

In a recent post shared by the official Pokemon Twitter account, the map for Paldea has again been shared, pointing out the many unique landscapes and biomes players will encounter.

In a responding comment, ThatDamienHedge states “DLC” with a cropped and zoomed image of the cloudy right-hand corner.

The picture shows a green, mountainous landscape that vanishes up under the clouds, with obvious pathways continuing past the visible areas. While it is possible this could point to potential future DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there is also a chance this portion of the map has been redacted prior to release.

This area could also hold spoilers to the story, or even need to be unlocked during the narrative for players to gain access.

While it is too early to know if Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will get DLC, the size of the map and the promise of three separate story legs for the base game indicate there will be plenty of content to keep fans busy. Hopefully, the events in Paldea will be just as expansive and in-depth as Sword & Shield’s Galar, offering a fulfilling and engaging adventure.