Pokemon Scarlet & Violet teasers reveal first look at new forest in Paldea region

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Teaser Painted Trees PaldeaThe Pokemon Company

A new social media update for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet region of Paldea has been posted online, and players have been given an interesting teaser to puzzle out.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are quickly approaching their November 18, 2022 launch date, and new information has started to trickle in surrounding Gen 9’s Paldea region.

It has already been confirmed the new installment of the Pokemon series will be a true open world. This change comes after two pseudo-open-world maps in Sword & Shield and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Despite many trailers over the past few months, however, the majority of the massive map has remained a secret.

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During the Pokemon 2022 World Championships closing ceremonies, players were treated to an exciting new competitive gameplay-focused trailer. This has been followed up by a set of teaser images shown on official Social Media accounts, with the images creating new theories about what might be lurking in the depths of the new areas.

Is Paldea based on a real-world location?

It appears the new region in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be based on Spain.

This is important to note when looking at a set of four new images uploaded to the official Pokemon Twitter account.

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Many fans have already theorized the pictures could allude to a location based on Oma Forest, located in the Basque Country. Other Pokemon fans have pointed out that the marks could be made by one of the yet-to-be-revealed species that will be new to the Paldea region.

However, a more humorous deduction from many fans surrounds the colors of one of the tree markings – which bears a striking resemblance to the Pansexual pride flag. This has led many to jokingly hint that there could be queer representation in the game.

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While much of the speculation comes in the form of funny jokes, the likelihood of the markings being made by a new Pokemon is quite high. Hopefully, more information on the interesting forest and its strange artwork will be revealed in the following posts, giving fans more insight into what they will find while exploring Scarlet & Violet this fall.