Pokemon Go players are loving Winter Holiday background changes

Brianna Reeves
pokemon go winter background

Niantic recently launched Pokemon Go’s 2022 Winter Holiday event, and fans are already gushing about the winter-themed background changes.

The newly released Winter Holiday event serves as only the first part of a larger celebration. Part One will come to an end on Friday, December 23, with Part Two expected to follow not too long thereafter.

The event’s first part includes everything from XP bonuses and stickers to Avatar items and Raids.

Pokemon Go’s latest event also introduces wild encounters for Shiny Bergmite. Meanwhile, Mega Glalie debuts in the Mega Raids. Another feature has captured the attention of many a Pokemon fan, though.

Pokemon Go fans love the new Winter Holiday background

In addition to everything listed above, and then some, Pokemon Go’s holiday-themed event also added a new background to the game. And it seems fans are already enamored with it.

Reddit user No-Blood-4285 shared a screenshot of the winter-themed background in the following post,

The changes depict patches of snow covering the grass in the foreground, while snow-drenched trees line the background.

Twitter user PokeMiners snapped a shot of the snowy background’s “Glow” version, which showcases the same area at night. Most notably, Christmas lights sparkle in the trees for the “Glow” version.

Replies to the tweet above suggest Pokemon Go players especially like the nighttime iteration of the Winter background. “Absolutely diggin’ it,” one user wrote. Others pointed out how “cute” it looks.

Another Pokemon Go fan noted that “For all Niantic’s unfortunate faults their graphics department has never done us wrong.”

The Pokemon Go Winter Holiday festivities don’t stop with new backgrounds and special items, either. Users can also complete Timed Research and Field Research tasks to unlock additional rewards.