Pokemon Go trainers say Giovanni ‘fell off’ and easier than ever to defeat

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A particularly smart Pokemon Go player managed to defeat Giovanni using just 400 CP and below monsters, and fellow fans of the mobile game wondered if the leader of Team Rocket fell off.

Giovanni may be in his flop era.

Team Rocket’s head honcho is consistently one of the toughest battles in all of Pokemon Go, and usually has some of the strongest Pokemon you can face off against.

However, after one trainer managed to bring him down using some rather pedestrian Pokemon, players are wondering if Gio might be passed in prime.

pokemon go giovanni from anime headerThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Pokemon Go players wonder if Giovanni fell off

Pokemon Go YouTuber CallumOnToast posted a video to his channel where he defeated Giovanni using only 400 CP and below Pokemon.

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He managed to do so by utilizing Smeargle, Scrafty, and Walrein to counter Giovanni’s Pokemon with Ice-type moves and Smeargles high utility.

Despite trainers typically beefing up their monsters to reach 3,000 CP to merely have a shot at defeating him, Callum managed to take him down with pure ingenuity.

Pokemon Go players in the comment section were both stunned at the accomplishment and curious if Giovanni isn’t as hard as he seems to be.

One said, “Incredible, the accuracy of your move timing and switching is unbelievable.”

Another claimed that Giovanni “isn’t hard to beat” anymore. While Giovanni can be defeated in a handful of different ways depending on which Pokemon you have, Callum certainly displayed some unique Pokemon skills by using a mixture of skill and game knowledge to take him down.

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As trainers continue to discover easier ways to defeat Team Rocket’s leader, it’s possible Giovanni has gone from a W to an L over time.